10 DIY Pretty Plant Pots You Can Create This Weekend

With the trend for indoor plants taking the UK by storm, I thought I’d share some gorgeous DIY painted plant pot tutorials from around the web that you can easily create in a weekend. Dress up your outdoors or indoors using simple terracotta pots – with a little paint and some creativity, these are so simple to do.

Adding a bit of colour or pattern is a really fun way to bring some life to an area of your home that is feeling a little tired and you can coordinate your pots to the colours you love. Whether you like blingy metallics or simple stripes, there’s surely a pretty plant pot DIY here that you’ll love.

Consider using coloured fish tank stones to surround your succulents for an extra dash of brights or trying a few different patterns in a coordinated colour scheme for a chic eclectic look.

Don’t forget to Pin this to Pinterest to keep for future reference if you are looking for a simple project to recreate!

There is a link to each tutorial on the bottom of the page. Which one is your favourite?

1 – The Crafted Life / 2 – The Style House / 3 – Best Friends for Frosting / 4 – Bohemian Kate / 5 – I Spy DIY / 6 – Bright Bold and Beautiful / 7 – Ashley Ann Photography / 8 – A Little Birdy Blog / 9 – Miss Renaissance / 10 – Sparkle

If you’re looking for more ideas on styling the plants in your home, check out our interview with Alice Vincent or learn how to care for them with Katie and Laura.