While many of us see our bedrooms as a sanctuary of sleep, the truth is we could get a lot more out of these rooms simply by using furniture and accessories that encourage us to use the space for more than just getting our nightly eight hours.

By incorporating some seating into our bedroom, we create a space beyond the hustle of the rest of our homes for relaxation – whether it’s a spot to get stuck into the latest bestseller, a separate area to watch TV or simply a place to meditate and calm our minds before our day begins.

But which chairs are best suited to a bedroom environment? Our guide below will help you to make the best selection for your most personal of spaces.

Get comfortable

Your first step is to find something that feels comfortable. After all, if you find you have a chair that’s not big enough or deep enough, you probably won’t bother to use it.

So, consider how you like to sit when you’re relaxed. Do you curl your legs underneath you? Do you sit sideways with your back against the armrest and your legs sprawled across it? Do you prefer to sit straight with plenty of back support?

Make sure the chair you choose suits your requirements, whatever they are. You may even want to consider adding a footrest so you can stretch out.

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Create the space

No matter how big your bedroom is, you will want to make sure you have the space for your chair. Take note of any measurements before you hit the ‘buy’ button to ensure it not only fits your space but also fits through your door. Make sure there is enough room to comfortably sit and stretch out in your chair and that it’s easy enough to walk around it.

A sunny spot near a window is always a great spot to place your chair but if you want a cosy reading area, perhaps a darker corner with an angled reading lamp will be another consideration.

Choosing a style

Morgan Armchair@ourhappyhamiltonhome

When it comes to choosing a style of chair, consider what marries well with the rest of the furniture in the bedroom. Are you a bit of a romantic? Consider a more traditional feel with turned legs, soft curves and flared arms. Perhaps you love a contemporary look? Look out for a more tailored design with less embellishment and strong sleek aesthetics.

Look out for colours and finishes that will complement the rest of the space in terms of colours and textures to create a seamless and cohesive look to your bedroom.

Prints charming

If you’re looking for a focal point in your bedroom, consider a chair with a touch of pattern in the fabric. A soft floral will work perfectly in a more romantic setting while a graphic pattern could create a striking feature for a modern look.

When choosing a patterned bedroom chair, take into account any other colours or patterns in the room. Mixing patterns can be challenging but tie them together with similar colour palettes and choose a fabric with a pattern size that compliments what you already have. Generally, a larger pattern will work well with a smaller scale pattern and vice versa.

Colour pop

And finally, if you enjoy a bold look in your bedroom, why not try a fun colour pop in your bedroom chair? Using the other colours in the room as a jumping off point, choosing a colourful fabric can be a fun way to express your personal style.

Contrast with colours that are opposite on the colour wheel – so, for instance, you may have a deep blue bedroom which could look fantastic with a bold orange chair or a pale mustard yellow may work beautifully with soft blush pink walls.

For a more relaxing vibe, keep it tonal by using similar colours that are close together on the colour wheel so you may wish to choose an aqua chair in a sky blue room or a magenta chair in a plum room.