Originally used back in the 18th century, sideboard cabinets gained popularity during the 19th century when people became wealthy enough to own homes with separate dining rooms. Of course, since then the sideboard has been used all over the home.

The sideboard unit is mostly used for storage in living room and dining spaces, housing anything from crockery and glassware to paperwork, magazines, and even children’s toys. Solid wood sideboards are particularly popular as pieces of furniture that are kept through the years and passed down through the generations. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and are wonderfully versatile for a multitude of rooms to suit your storage needs.

Kitchen sideboards

A sideboard-kitchen furniture-small painted wooden sideboard with flowers and crockery on top
Hove Small Sideboard

With the continued popularity of open-plan living, the kitchen area has become more than just a place to cook. Many of us love to gather the family together around a kitchen table, host a dinner party or create a child-friendly space to get creative,so the need for extra storage is always essential and a sideboard cabinet is the perfect solution.

Bedroom sideboards

A sideboard-living room furniture-large wooden sideboard with marble top and armchair
Islington large sideboard | Lucca armchair

If you are blessed with a larger bedroom and need a little extra storage, why not consider introducing a stylish sideboard? Look towards a sideboard with drawers to accommodate clothing alongside other bedroom essentials such as hair accessories, skincare and a good book stack for pre-bedtime reads. They also offer a wonderful display area, ideal for your treasured photos, plants, flowers and ornaments to really enhance your sleep sanctuary.

Hallway sideboards

A sideboard-hallway furniture-small wooden sideboard with mustard lamp and books on top
Durham small sideboard | Lars chair

No matter how big or small your hallway is, there’s always a clever sideboard design that’s bound to fit. In a family home especially, extra cupboard storage is an absolute must. How many times have you walked through the door and been left with a never-ending trail of coats, shoes, scarves and hats behind you? A hallway sideboard is the perfect decluttering solution for all those stray bits and often has plenty of drawer space for smaller items.


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