6 Different Floral Patterns and How to Incorporate Them into Your Home

Floral patterns are nearly always in style and each year, designers come up with new ways to incorporate them into our homes. What better time of year to get a little flower power in your home than in Spring?

Source: Out There Interiors

We’re exploring six different kinds of florals in our blog post today, whether you love them big and bold or dark and moody and everything in between! Which will be your favourite? Find out below!

Traditional Florals

country cottage style living room with floral footstool

Source: Oak Furniture Land

Smaller more delicate motifs are the mainstay of the traditional country floral look. The Victorians would layer their florals using the same print on walls, furniture and curtains but you can update this look by choosing a design for a smaller piece of furniture like the footstool seen above and repeating it with matching curtains or cushions on the sofa.

Oversized Florals

Source: Scouted Home Interior Styling

A popular look for the last couple of years, flowers are getting bigger and bolder. Large scale and hyper-realistic, they create instant impact in a room as an eye-catching wall mural. This Ellie Cashman wallpaper is one of the most popular that you’ll see on Pinterest and creates an impressive backdrop to anything you put against it.

Consider creating your own by blowing up photographs of your garden blooms and having them printed poster size as a DIY alternative.

Dark Romantic Florals

Source: Oak Furniture Land

One of the most popular new trends we’ve seen are floral patterns combined with darker backgrounds to create a luxe and moody look. Amp up the luxe factor with plush fabrics and combine with dark paint colours for a cosy look. Alternatively, consider wallpapered wall panels and light walls for instant impact and contrast that’s sure to turn heads.

Jungle Florals

Source: Anthropologie

There’s no escaping – jungle prints all the rage and bold jungle blooms are another way to incorporate florals into your home. This Anthropologie bedding is a great way to incorporate the look in a bedroom with a mix of saturated colours. Tie the theme to the rest of your space with natural textures like bamboo and jute, woven baskets and lots of house plants to create the ultimate oasis.

Abstract Florals

Source: Blue Bell Grey

If you like the look of florals but want a softer, more contemporary vibe, consider the look of abstract floral prints. Blue Bell Grey has a wide selection of bedding, fabrics and soft furnishings that look like flowers from afar but – a bit like an impressionist painting on a larger scale – the colours and patterns are more abstract on closer inspection.

Exotic Florals

chinoiserie florals with shay bedroom

Source: Oak Furniture Land

And finally, consider a look that takes its cues from the Far East with oriental style patterns. Denoting calming scenes of nature, they are perfect for giving your room a tranquil look. Use them in wall panels as seen above, as a feature wallpaper or even on room screens for a taste of Chinoiserie.

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