How to Use Sofa Beds for Space Saving

If you ask us, sofa beds have a bit of an undeserved reputation. Too often, people tell us that they’re unsightly, uncomfortable, or unwanted.

But we know that that’s simply not true!

In smaller homes, multi-use rooms, or compact rented flats, furniture that works double-duty can be a godsend. And our high-quality, well-designed sofa beds can be a great secret weapon in your space-saving mission. They can comfortably sit guests while entertaining, and with our top tips, can magically transform your guest bedroom into an inviting and welcoming space, without taking up any footprint in your home.

blue fabric sofa bed

Chelsea Left Hand Corner Sofa Bed

No extra room? No problem!

Not everyone is lucky enough (or has a big enough house) to have a spare room which they can set aside as a separate guest suite – and that’s okay! If you live in a one-bedroom, studio flat, or a small bungalow, clever planning means that you don’t have to say “no” when friends and family ask to stay the night.

Our Chelsea corner sofa bed is the perfect piece for transforming a living room into a great place to sleep. It’s designed to not only look identical to the regular Chelsea corner sofa, but our clever furniture makers in the UK have constructed it so that it feels the same when used as a sofa, too. The cushions are supported by the bed frame and serpentine joints, and their high quality foam and fibre filling gives them a cosy sink-in feeling.

When company calls, and the clock turns to bedtime, simply pull out Chelsea’s deluxe sprung mattress, and you’re ready to go! And to create that feeling of privacy, why not consider a stylish folding screen, which can be stored behind the sofa when not in use.

oak furniture land sofa bed in living room

Jasmine 3 Seater Sofa Bed

Make the most of multi-use spaces

Wondering what to do if your home’s extra rooms are dedicated to more than just accommodating guests? You don’t have to give up your home office or your children’s playroom this holiday season just because Auntie Mabel is coming to stay. Incorporate some space saving furniture instead!

The Jasmine sofa range has been designed with some great small-space saviours, including their sofa bed armchair and compact 2 seater sofa bed. Available in 15 stunning colourways, there’s a look to match any room, and it’s small size means that when not being used for guests, it’s still a great addition to the room in any use.

A touch of luxury

Don’t feel like you have to sacrifice style in the name of practicality when it comes to putting up holiday guests. Our Brandon sofas were designed with luxury in mind, made with a modern design and upholstered in 100% real leather. But because quality shouldn’t just be reserved for those with big homes, we designed a 3 seater sofa bed to match the set – and it’s totally indistinguishable.

And don’t forget the accessories

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the biggest difference when eking out extra space for guests in your home. For example, no one needs to know you’re saving space on bedding storage when you use one of our stylish blanket boxes as an alternative coffee table. And that nest of tables you keep next to your sofa? It’s a great versatile bedside table when company calls.

classic range blanket box in bedroom

Classic Natural Solid Oak Blanket Box


Space saving for holiday guests can be a simple and pain-free process with secret weapons like sofa beds and multi-functional accessories at your disposal. So bring on the festive cheer, and relax knowing you can create space for everyone, no matter your home size.