How to Create the Perfect Dressing Table in Your Bedroom

Virginia Wolfe famously spoke to women when she referred to having A Room of One’s Own. While we may not have the space for an entire dressing room in our home, there’s nearly always a little bit of space to carve out for a dressing table.

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This little area is for many of us, the ultimate indulgence: a spot just for us, a place where we can ‘put on our face’ or pamper ourselves in relative privacy (rather than fighting off the rest of the family for a spot in front of the bathroom mirror). I’ve had a small dressing table for a few years now and can vouch for the positive effect it has on one’s well-being. I both start and end my day there, whether it’s just for a few minutes before running out of the house or longer, when I am getting ready for an evening out or indulging in a little ‘me time’.

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If you are considering a dressing table for your home, here are my top tips for making the most of what will become your favourite little sanctuary.

Where to Put a Dressing Table

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The bedroom is the most natural place for a dressing table with easy access to your wardrobe, accessories, shoes and jewellery. You’ll want as much natural light as possible for this area so consider placing your dressing table in front of a window to maximise the light for applying cosmetics. If this is not possible, then placing the table in the room across from a window and by using a mirror, this will reflect the light behind you on to your face.

How to Decide on a Style of your Dressing Table

small grey dressing table with oversized vintage gold mirror

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There are so many different kinds of dressing tables – from shabby chic to vintage to contemporary, mid-century and glamorous – so take cues from the rest of your home to decide what style you love. Curvy shapes echo a more feminine vibe but darker rustic styles can provide a lovely contrast too. Your table should be large enough that you can store some of your everyday items on top of it with a place to store those items you may only use occasionally in drawers.

Dressing Table Seating

original rustic dressing table

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A comfy seat is a must at a dressing table whether it takes you mere moments to get ready or hours! You’ll want something with a padded or cushioned seat for the most luxurious touch. Small benches and stools are a popular choice as they can be tucked neatly away under your dressing table when not in use.

Dressing Table Mirror

kemble dressing table

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Your dressing table is simply not complete without a beautiful mirror. Bigger is normally better when it comes to checking out your outfit but for close up product application, you’ll want something that’s smaller and easier to move closer to your face. You can choose a clean-lined design to match your dressing table or choose something more ornate for a glamorous touch.

Dressing Table Storage

make up on dressing table

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On top of your dressing table, be sure to consider storage options for your makeup, creams or beauty supplies. I love acrylic storage as it allows me to easily see what’s inside each section at a glance. You don’t want to be searching for 10 minutes for your favourite lippy when you’re in a hurry! Get organised by storing your most reached-for items together or group according to type.

Dressing Table Lighting

dressing table with lights from lullabellz

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Great lighting is an integral part of any dressing table space as you’ll want something that’s flattering but also honest. Avoid harsh light from above or below which can cause shadows. While natural light will always be your best friend when it comes to any makeup application, if you are getting ready in the early morning before the sun comes up in winter or in the evenings for date night, consider giving yourself the Hollywood treatment with a light up mirror. This will provide a more evenly distributed light and a more flattering look overall.

Dressing Table Décor

emily henderson curbly bedroom

Source: Emily Henderson / Photo by Melissa Oholendt / Produced by The Curbly Blog

And finally, you’ll want to add a few homey accents to your dressing table. Jewellery boxes and ring storage, perfume bottles on trays and catch all bowls for your everyday pieces will create a beautifully curated space that can become a lovely focal point in your room. Finish off the décor with a beautiful scented candle and a small posy of flowers to make your space feel special.


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