Virginia Wolfe famously declared in A Room of One’s Own that we should all have our own dressing room. While we may not have the luxury of an entire dressing room in our homes, there’s nearly always a little bit of space where you can have a dressing table. If you’re considering a dressing table for your home, here are our top tips for making the most of what will become your favourite little sanctuary.

Dressing table styles

First things, first, you’ll need to invest in a dressing table. There are so many different kinds – from shabby chic and vintage, to contemporary, mid-century and glamorous – so take cues from the rest of your home to decide what style you love and the size that works for your space. Curvy shapes echo a more feminine vibe but darker rustic styles can provide a lovely contrast too. Recreate a movie star dressing table by adding bulbs around a square mirror, or get a chic vintage dressing table by accessorising with second-hand and charity shop finds.

Where should a dressing table be placed?

The natural home for a dressing table is in your bedroom and when deciding where to place it, consider how you’ll use it. You’ll want as much natural light as possible for this area so think about putting it in front of a window to maximise the light for make-up application. If that’s not possible, placing it across from a window and using a mirror will reflect the light behind you onto your face.

Parquet console table | @new_build_forever_home

What should be on a dressing table?

Basically anything you’ll use to pamper yourself, any accessories you like adding as final touches to an outfit, and if you wear make-up, your most-used items. You’ll definitely need a mirror, and maybe a hairbrush, but at the end of the day a dressing table should be a place for your indulgence, so it’s completely up to you!

How to declutter a dressing table

It can be so easy to pile everything on top of your dressing table and use it as a dumping ground, but resist the temptation. Try to keep the top relatively clear to give you space to use your make-up and pampering products.

You don’t want to leave the table totally bare, but keeping a little clear space is important. Decluttering a dressing table is all about having a clear system for how you organise your accessories. Have a set place where everything goes, and make sure you decide on a system that you’ll stick to and works for you. The easiest way to declutter is by stopping it getting messy in the first place through clever storage ideas.

Dressing table organiser

On top of your dressing table, be sure to consider storage options for your make-up, creams or beauty supplies. Try acrylic storage which allows you to easily see what’s inside each section at a glance. You don’t want to be searching for 10 minutes for your favourite lippy when you’re in a hurry. There are loads of different dressing table organisers online, so just have a browse and find the one that’s right for you and your style.

Parquet desk | @homeonkellslane

Dressing tables with drawers

Many dressing tables have built-in drawers for your cosmetic and skincare supplies. There’s a huge variety of styles of dressing tables and the amount of storage varies, so it’s worth thinking about what kind of items you want to be storing and what size you’ll need the draws to be. If you’ve got lots of make-up, consider getting drawer dividers to help you keep everything organised.

Storage in the seating

This is a clever way of storing items you don’t need every day but making sure they’re close to hand. Lots of dressing table seats have compartments that provide a hidden but convenient storage space.

Dressing table finishing touches

So now your dressing table is beautifully organised, how do you make it a wonderful space for relaxing and pampering yourself? Here are some ideas to help.

Get some stylish seating

A seat that looks good and is comfy to sit on is a must at a dressing table, whether it takes you mere moments or hours to get ready. You’ll want something with a padded or cushioned seat for the most luxurious touch. Small benches and stools are a popular choice as they can be tucked neatly away under your dressing table when not in use.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Hove dressing table | @hunt.homedecor

Your dressing table is simply not complete without a beautiful mirror. Bigger is normally better when it comes to checking out your outfit, but for close up product application, you’ll want something that’s smaller and easier to move nearer to your face. Depending on the style of your dressing table, you could choose a contemporary design or something more ornate for a glamorous touch.

Glow with good lighting

Great lighting is an integral part of any dressing table space as you’ll want something that’s flattering but also honest. Avoid harsh light from above or below which can cause shadows. While natural light will always be your best friend when it comes to any make-up application, if you’re getting ready in the early morning before the sun comes up in winter or in the evenings for date night, consider creating a Hollywood-style dressing table with an illuminated mirror.

St. Ives dressing table | @byrne_ourforeverhome

Add a personal touch

And finally, you’ll want to add a few homey accents to your dressing table. Jewellery boxes and ring storage, perfume bottles on trays and catch-all bowls for your everyday pieces will create a beautifully curated space that can become a lovely focal point in your room. Finish off the decor with a heavenly scented candle and a small bouquet of dried flowers to make your space feel special. Regardless of what style you decide to go for, be sure to check out our huge selection of dressing tables, stools and mirrors.

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