The Best Home Improvements for Any Budget

With an uncertain economy and the rise and fall and rise again in house prices in the last decade, more and more of us are opting to stay put in our homes for a while. Many are looking to simply improve where we are rather than pick up and move house if something isn’t quite working. Depending upon your budget, there are plenty of things you can do to improve your home but what should you prioritise to give you the best return on investment if you do decide in time to sell? What will make the biggest impact right now to where and more importantly, how you live?

Today, I wanted to talk about some of the best home improvements that you can make whether you have a tiny budget, a moderate budget or have decided to splurge on a total transformation. All of these items are great investments in your home that give you impactful change, improving your living space now no matter how long you decide to stay.

Small Budget (under £500)

room painted in bold colour


There is really nothing more transformative than changing the paint colour of a room. Most rooms will need repainting every 5 years or so (or more frequently if you have children and pets) so why not embrace it and give your space a fresh new look for less than £100? For the biggest impact, consider taking repainting a light room which doesn’t get a lot of natural light in a darker hue to create a cosy intimate space or rid yourself of a bold bright choice from a few years ago by repainting in a softer hue or brilliant white for the biggest impact. Be aware however, if there are areas of damp or mould, this could signify deeper problems that may need to be rectified by a professional and could simply reappear after a fresh coat of paint so be sure that any walls are in sound repair.


If your room is lacking impact, consider adding wallpaper to add colour, pattern or texture. There are wallpapers for every budget out there in every conceivable style and whether you decide to add impact with a feature wall or use it on all four walls for maximum effect, it can create a real statement in your interiors for a reasonably small outlay.


Remember as well that for smaller jobs around the house – repairing a leaky tap, changing the handles on your kitchen cupboards or adding some shelving to a plain wall – consider if you can DIY these jobs rather than paying someone to do them for you. There are tutorials for nearly everything online these days and armed with knowledge and the right tools, you can make small improvements for very little money.

Medium Budget (£500-£5000)

built in bookshelves

Built In Storage

You can never have enough storage in a home and so building bespoke storage into your home is always a great investment. Consider a combination of cupboards and shelving in alcoves in the living room or built in wardrobes in a bedroom to maximise space and create an eye catching display.

New Flooring

Old linoleum, buckling laminate or damaged carpets can make even the nicest homes look unloved or unkempt and having different flooring in connecting rooms can make a home look disjointed. If your budget allows, consider replacing the flooring for all connecting rooms. From tiles to engineered wood to the newest hard-wearing carpeting, there’s a myriad of choice available to create a great looking floor. To break up hard flooring, consider bringing in area rugs to add colour or texture and delineate different areas in an open plan space.

Adding French Doors

If you have a large window with an aspect to the outside, swapping the window to a large French door can open up a space, add value and bring in additional light.

Modest Kitchen Refurbishment

If you can’t stretch to a full kitchen remodel, consider replacing worktops, re-tiling or simply painting the cupboard doors and adding new hardware to an existing kitchen to give it a fresher look. Leaving the configuration of the cupboards and appliances in situ will save money.

Large Budget (£5000 and up)

kitchen extension

Improving Layout

If you have small rooms, an awkward layout or require additional space then reworking the layout of your rooms will not only add value but will improve the way you live. Open plan living is incredibly popular right now and especially with older properties, we have changed the way we want to live in them – from kid-friendly spaces, entertaining and improving the flow from one room to another, this is a larger investment but could very well pay off when it’s time to sell.

New Kitchens and Bathrooms

Bathrooms and kitchens can make or break a house as they are vital to the workings of any family but poor layout, bad lighting or old appliances and fixtures can make these rooms nearly unusable. Having the opportunity to create a space that works for you can be a fantastic investment in your home and it’s worth speaking to design experts to ensure you’ve made the very best use of the space.

Loft conversion or Cellar Remodel

With many of us running out of room with growing families and generations of younger people staying home longer or taking care of elderly relatives, loft conversions and cellar remodels are more popular than ever. Increasing the usable space in our homes may mean we can carve out an additional bedroom, living area or bathroom. Conversions like this don’t come cheap of course but can significantly add value and space to our property.


When space is at a premium, there’s no better way than to simply add to the space we have. With an extension, we can completely rework entire floors, creating light filled rooms with the newest and the most eco-friendly building materials. Extensions will normally require planning permission and you’ll want to get an expert on board to create the best space you can for your budget.


So these are just a few ways to add value to your home no matter what your budget. How have you improved your home in recent years? Share with us on @OFLOakFurniture!