Q&A on Design Challenges with Topology Interiors

If you’re in the process of designing a new space or updating your look, it’s likely that you’ve come across design challenges that seem to thwart your vision despite all those months of planning! With different home sizes, different personal styles, and different budgets, it’s not always possible to have a one-size-fits-all approach to interior design and overcoming any limitations that crop up.

Don’t let these design challenges take the joy out of creating a space which makes you smile every time you walk through the door. We chatted with Amy and Athina from Topology Interiors, to learn more about overcoming challenges, design trends and where to get inspired.

Trends are constantly changing, how do I choose pieces that will stand the test of time?

We suggest choosing key investment pieces which are timeless and subtle in their design. This means you can play around with updatable items like cushions, table lamps, wall prints, etc. that reflect changing trends and are not expensive to update, should you get bored of them or the trend is no longer around.

What pieces for the home should I invest in?

Typically the ones that are going to get the most use – think your sofa, dining table & bed. These are the ones that are going to be investments and ones that you’ll get regular use out of so you’ll want to ensure they’re pieces worth choosing wisely.

How do I decorate my small space?

There are lots of little tips and tricks on how to do this but if we had to choose just three, they’d be:

  1. Hang a mirror opposite a window to reflect light around the room – this will make the room appear brighter and lighter throughout the day, making it appear bigger.
  2. Draw the eye upwards by utilising wall space so that you change your perception of the rooms size.
  3. Don’t be afraid of going dark in small spaces, as darker colours can blur the boundaries and corners of a room making it appear bigger

How do I choose a dining table?

Think about the functionality of this item – is it going to be needed for dining large families? Is it going to double up as a place to work from? Is it rarely going to be used? Ask yourself these questions and then think about what materials, shapes and sizes are going to be realistic and practical for you and your home. If you’re unsure on what size to opt for, extendable tables are a no brainer.

What are your favourite places / magazines / blogs / people / Instagram accounts to get home inspiration from?

There is so much inspiration to be had out there, it’s really hard to narrow it down to just a few. In terms of magazines, we really love Good Homes, Living Etc, Style At Home, Harpers Bazaar and Wallpaper Mag. And being part of the interior instagram gang too we’re surrounded by so many amazing accounts on a regular basis too, but some of our absolute favourites would have to be @restoringlansdowne @mad_about_the_house @sundaytimeshome

About Topology Interiors

Topology Interiors is made up of interior designers Athina and Amy. Noticing a demand for affordable and approachable interior design support, Athina launched Topology and since then the duo have not looked back!

Since winning multiple design awards and curating their well-known blog, Amy and Athina are proof that a unique style doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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