Searching for versatile storage that also looks good? Say hello to ladder shelving, the perfect multipurpose addition to your home that can be used in any room and offers endless storage potential.

Our Whistler and Aspen hardwood ladder shelving units are the ultimate blank canvas for styling. Discover top tips for how to make yours fit in with your decor.

What is ladder shelving?

Aspen ladder shelving unit

With the rise in popularity of sharing #shelfies on Instagram, it’s no surprise that ladder shelving has become an interior design staple. The understated Scandi aesthetic adds to the appeal of these simple units that feature varied sized shelves, just waiting to be styled with all your favourite things.

Our Aspen lean-to ladder shelving unit comes in slim and wide options and is made from solid oak, with a natural finish. Or, if you prefer the idea of freestanding ladder shelving, our Whistler oak unit is perfect for you.

Define your purpose

Aspen ladder shelving unit | @little_georgian

When thinking about the overall look you want to achieve, first consider which room it will be placed in. Do you want to use it in your home office to keep files and paperwork, in a children’s bedroom to store toys and books, in your bathroom to have all your essentials to hand, or in your living room to display decorative accessories?

Once you’ve decided where your shelving is going to call home, you can begin to think about what you want to put on it. If you want to conceal or store certain things together, such as paperwork, children’s art supplies or magazines, look at getting some stylish storage. Consider wicker baskets, colourful folding crates, mini metal suitcases, or fabric boxes with lids to keep everything neat and organised.

Choose your accessories

Whistler ladder shelving unit

Play with different heights, colours and textures when deciding how to group things together as this will make it pleasing on the eye. Contrast the beautiful natural oak with marble and ceramic accessories, using houseplants to inject a bit of green and small vases of flowers for a burst of cheerful colour.

Stack interesting coffee table books and top with a candle or photos to make a personalised vignette. Or, create an at home library for all your favourite books, placing a cosy loveseat or armchair next to it for the perfect reading nook.

We hope this has given you some inspiration for styling your ladder shelving units. We’d love to see how you create the look in your own home. Share your pictures by tagging #OakFurnitureland on Instagram.