Emerging from the cultural force of France, Art Deco design was a beacon of elegance and innovation at the dawn of the 20th century. Its geometric allure, symmetrical finesse, and lavish materials enchanted the 1920s and ‘30s era especially. In recent years, there’s been a captivating revival of this iconic style with designers breathing new life into the Art Deco aesthetic, reinterpreting its essence with creativity and refined flair.

Understanding the design style

Islington dressing table | Isla chair | Evelyn mirror

When exploring authentic Art Deco design, you’ll notice certain defining elements that will captivate your senses and attract your attention…

– Bold geometric motifs, from the crisp angles of triangles to the dynamic energy of sunbursts and chevrons

– Symmetry reigns supreme, manifesting in sleek, balanced forms

– Opulence is evident in the choice of sumptuous materials, from gleaming metallics to elegant marble and rich velvet

– Lighting acts as an art form in itself, with ornate designs like chandeliers and sconces casting a luminous spell, enriching every space they adorn

The modern approach

Wren bed | Wren tallboy

Today’s design ethos behind Art Deco design embraces a more nuanced approach, infusing spaces with subtle nods to its iconic elements, rather than opting for full-blown immersion. Whether through furniture paying homage to its defining principles or ornate accessories like mirrors, the aim remains to evoke an aura of timeless opulence into more eclectic modern living.

The colour palette has shifted towards understated elegance and refined minimalism, departing from the bolder, jewel-like tones found during the original era. Hues of beige and cream have emerged as the cornerstone, filling spaces with a sense of serene sophistication when coupled with luxurious materials. Yet, amidst the subdued backdrop, bursts of accent colour still come through from striking yellow to captivating blue to inject moments of richness.

Introduce Art Deco touches to your home

Gatsby XL sideboard | Halle chair | Cloud rug

Art Deco has a timeless quality especially if you opt for introducing touches across your home. It’s not about replicating the era but instead, embrace the luxurious side coupled with a bit of eclecticism through furniture and objects that reflect your own style.

Elevate your interior space by embracing the vertical canvas, echoing the towering influence of skyscrapers in original Art Deco design through clever panelling that accentuates height.

Introduce a rich tapestry of materials such as brass, chrome or lacquered wooden surfaces which are then softened by tactile textiles like silk and velvet through your home accessories.

Punctuate your space with bold or subtle geometric motifs whether in artwork, the furniture detailing or furnishings to evoke the timeless allure of modern Art Deco aesthetics.

Explore our Art Deco-inspired collections


Wren bed | Wren bedside table | Wren wardrobe | Wren dressing table | Scroll back chair | Cloud rug

Meet our bedroom-centric collection with Art Deco flair, Wren. Crafted from elegant solid oak, each piece is delicately painted in a white wash to showcase its natural beauty. With ribbed fronts and sleek brass-finish handles, this range exudes sophistication and luxury. Designed for smaller spaces, the compact pieces boast soft-close doors and dovetail joints for enduring quality. Pair with our Wren upholstered bed to create the ultimate stylish sanctuary.


A dining table and chairs-dining room furniture-wooden dining table-grey upholstered dining chairs
Gatsby dining table & Bette chairs | Gatsby XL sideboard | Gatsby small sideboard

Elevate the look of your living and dining space with our Art Deco-inspired Gatsby range. The washed oak finish is enhanced with brushed brass-coloured metal trim and groove details. The collection offers versatility, from stylish storage solutions to lavish dining tables, with each piece radiating sophistication.


A leather sofa with wooden furniture -living room furniture-wood and marble top coffee table-side table-TV unit-two-seater leather sofa
Islington coffee table | Islington side table | Islington TV unit | Lucca sofa | Cloud rug

Embrace statement Art Deco elegance with our Islington furniture range. Crafted from luxurious Italian Carrara marble and dark wire-brushed acacia, each piece showcases contrasting tones and gracefully curved silhouettes. The polished marble top is elevated on geometric-inspired legs with brass accents to create a distinctive style. Classic carpentry ensures a timeless appeal, making each piece a lasting addition to your home.

By following this simple guide, you can transform your home with a modern approach to Art Deco style. Head to the Oak Furnitureland website to browse the full ranges and be sure to follow us on Instagram and tag us at #OakFurnitureland and #GrowYourHome in your posts to show off your updated spaces!