How to Choose the Perfect Dining Table
In this fast-paced world, sometimes it’s easy to forget how nice it is, being seated around a dining table and taking time to simply chat with our family and friends. Without the distractions of every day life, the lights slightly dimmed or candle light flickering in front of us, taking some time out to simply ‘break bread’ gives us time to reconnect with those we love.
For so many people these days, the dining room is simply a walk way between a kitchen and living area but what if we could reimagine the room as somewhere we actually enjoy spending time in? One that works for our needs, our family’s needs and those of our visitors?
While you may think of a dining table as simply a place to serve the occasional meal, if you ensure your dining table and chairs marry up to the way you live, then you may find yourself seated there more and more often, enjoying what it really brings to a home.
One of the main items when considering your dining table is both the size and the shape and these can change during different times of your life as can the seating you choose. So let’s look at different styles to see what might work best for you right  now.
We’ll start with your first flat or rental property. Perhaps it’s only a small space just off the kitchen or in the kitchen itself. For a quick meal or a chat with friends, a small round or oval table will work best to keep the footprint as small as possible. Consider a table that allows you to extend it as well for when you have occasional guests.  Smaller tables can look fantastic and we have a great selection of tables to choose from, like our natural solid oak round table with crossed legs.
Round Dining Table
Perhaps you’ve just moved out of that flat and into your first home.  Romantic dinners with your partner or small dinner parties with friends (or even treating mum & dad when they drop round!) may mean that 4 seater rectangular table may suit your needs better. Our rustic oak dining table doesn’t take up much more space than the smaller round table above but extends to seat up to 6 – perfect for small scale entertaining! Combine with our wave back rustic dining chairs for a perfect country style setting.
Extendable small table
As a family grows, so does our requirement for a bit more space at the dining table! With the addition of little ones, we may need a table that’s more family friendly and so a larger size may be required.  Getting chairs that are easy to wipe down is a necessity and so you’ll want to consider our gorgeous and easy-to-keep-clean leather chairs that make life that little bit easier when things are hectic alongside our hard-wearing contemporary 6ft x 3ft natural oak dining table which comfortably seats 6!
Leather chairs
Or perhaps by now, the kids are a little older and we’re a dab hand in the kitchen. They may have flown the nest but we still enjoy whipping up a big meal for a gathering when family drops by or when you are serving up something special at a dinner party. With an extendable dining table like our rustic oak dining table that extends to seat up to 12, everyone can enjoy a fun and delicious meal. Of course, you’ll want some great seating to ensure everyone is comfortable to sit around and chat for hours over a few glasses of wine so consider our scroll patterned fabric chairs to give a look of elegance while providing plenty of comfort.
12 seater table
As you can see, we’ve got dining tables to suit you whatever stage in life you may be in – whether you are looking to upsize or downsize, whether you love to entertain or just want somewhere to unwind after a long day and in whatever style you are looking for.  Have a look around our dining room furniture section and see if we might not be able to assist in getting the right table to suit your needs right now.
What is your perfect dining set?  Do let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear what you find works best for you!
Kimberly x