As Styled by You: St Ives

Stylish, classic and highly adaptable, our St Ives range is a wonderful addition to homes of all shapes and sizes. From the flawless solid oak tops to the bright brushed metal handles, this popular collection is understated, yet full of character.

All pieces are painted in a delightfully elegant grey. It’s easy to see why this shade remains the neutral colour of choice for many modern interiors.

In this post we get to know the St Ives family and offer some inspiration for how this gorgeous range can enhance your living spaces. Thanks to our wonderful customers for providing these fantastic images from their homes on Instagram. Don’t forget to share yours by using #OakFurnitureLand




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A post shared by My Home At Number 3 (@my_home_at_no3) on

@my_home-at_number_three – This stylish Instagrammer has truly given us the inspiration to give our dressing table more love! Or at least keep it a bit tidier. The combination of chic, understated furniture with the wonderful Hollywood mirror will make your pre-night out preparations an absolute pleasure.

Take a closer look at the dressing table and stool.


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@jenjenn90 has gone for exquisite symmetry and maximised the storage possibilities in her bedroom. A classic combination, our wardrobe and chest of drawers fit perfectly in this space to create a beautiful and cosy room.


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A post shared by Grace (@graceetaylor86) on

@gracetaylor86 – Grace’s use of the St Ives Bedside Table enhances the feel of symmetry and cohesion in this rich blue-hued bedroom. With a few quick accessory swaps, you can update the look of the room, ready for the festive season. It looks like Grace’s feline friends agree, this room looks purr-fect!

Dining Room


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A post shared by Katie 🌻 (@myarundelstory) on

@myarundelstory has created a dining space that is both serene, welcoming, and one that will meet with the approval of the pickiest of dinner guests. Adding the St Ives Sideboard to the kitchen is a great way to add additional storage space and the soft grey hues of the range, paired with the neutral decor create a calming and inviting space.

Living Room


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A post shared by Amy Davies Pereira (@littlehouseinlondon) on

@littlehouseinlondon – This living room colour scheme is effortlessly elegant, yet the feeling of cosiness highlights the lived in feel of a home that is truly loved and enjoyed. Amy’s use of faux fur, pops of yellow and a sprinkling of houseplants helps create a stylish focal point around the TV Cabinet and adds warmth to the cool greys of the room.



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A post shared by Michelle (@michelle_74_) on

@michelle_74_ has created the perfect balance of space utilisation and chic aesthetics. The small sideboard offers storage and surface display without detracting from the main focus of the room – the communal sitting area. The beautifully curated ornaments bathe in natural light and the photo arrangement brings a simple intimacy to the space.

Style & Storage Nooks


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A post shared by D A R C Y 🔸 (@darcy.jaynee) on

@darceejaynee – it seems you have an opportunistic housemate! Good job – this chest of drawers is built with solid hardwood to keep any scratches at bay!

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