20 Ways To Style Your Sofa

Firmly placed at the heart of your home, your living room is the social hub and centre of relaxation. And no living room is complete without a sofa. Not only is a sofa a stylish focal point for your living room, it’s a cosy corner for a catch up with friends, the foundation for a makeshift fort for the little ones and a spot for quiet moments at the end of a long day. Sofas get a lot of use so it’s important to find a style and shape that suits your home and lifestyle. If you’re struggling to find the right sofa or need some help with your decor, here’s 20 easy ways to style that all-important piece of furniture.

1. Adopt the cosiness of Winter year-round

Grey themed cosy living room with charcoal sofa

Gainsborough three seater sofa / Gainsborough footstool / Kemble tall bookcase / Galway wall mirror

Some people are Summer lovers whereas others thrive in Winter and, if you’re the latter, you’ll find yourself in your element when surrounded by wood-fired colours and chunky fabrics. Our Gainsborough sofa range easily fits into the Scandi Winter theme thanks to its charcoal upholstery which looks brilliant against navy blues, red-hot scarlets and lavender-toned furniture from our Kemble collection.

2. Leave room for all the family

Beige suede reclining corner sofa in blue living room

Goodwood electric recliner modular sofa / Shay blanket box / Novara lamp

Large families call for sizeable sofas that have enough space for all to enjoy. Our Goodwood range of sofas are modular, meaning they’re customizable to fit your family’s needs. They can be adapted and styled based on the size of your living room and any tricky corners you may have. Built with comfort at the forefront, they’re reclinable so you can sit back and relax with the whole clan.

3. Go retro, but keep it modern

Charcoal grey corner sofa in green living room

Evie corner sofa / Brooklyn large bookcase

Finding the balance between old school interiors and a contemporary look is a fine one, but our range of Evie sofas does the hard work for you. With slimline oak legs and dainty button backs, style with watercolour pillows and on-trend colours like sage to pull the look together.

Want more on decorating with green? Read on for all the tips and tricks.

4. Be bold with colour

Sea foam blue fabric corner sofa

Brighton lounger / Brighton footstool / Hove small bookcase

A splash of colour can give your living room that lease of life it was craving and, although this can be achieved with vibrant throws and prismatic pillows, why not make your sofa the source of everything bright and beautiful? Our Brighton range will create a stunning focal point, especially when paired with their matching footstools or with the fresh-looking finish of the aptly-named Hove collection.

5. Alfresco-inspired open plan

a living room with chair and sofa

Cooper three seater sofa / Cooper loveseat / Cooper storage footstool / Pedestal 4ft dining table / Loop dining chair / Hercules tall bookcase

Inspired by the culture of the Mediterranean, our Sunbleached Terracotta trend considers the family-centric ethos of these countries, incorporating open plan, fluid living into the design. This means you have to thoughtfully style your living room alongside your dining room. We suggest experimenting with clays, corals, oranges and yellows across your walls, floors and accents to provide the warmth while balancing against cooler greyscale seating from our Cooper range.

6. For leather lovers

Black leather sofa in cream living room

Clayton three seater sofa / Lucia wall clock

There’s something luxurious about leather sofas. Maybe it’s their sink-in feel or the sleekness of the material; either way, they’re a winner for style-conscious homes or those prone to stains. The bubble shape of our Clayton sofas are ultra-inviting and the shiny black upholstery is a perfect addition to homes with a penchant for monochrome. Don’t forget a statement clock or your leather care kit

7. Harmonise a jewel-toned palette

Beige-green fabric sofa with textured cushions

Mantis Light large sideboard / Jasmine three seater sofa / Jasmine footstool

Anti-minimalists will be attracted to jewel-toned seating arrangements that allow for the highly-orchestrated clash of colour and pattern. This decor calls for the marriage of emeralds, corals and sapphires, creating a truly jolly disposition and a wonderful warmth that beckons for socialising and hosting.

8. Think minimalist

Grey fabric corner sofa with industrial coffee table

Cube corner sofa / Brooklyn dressing table stool

If you love the colour pink but want to avoid the floral princess route, opt for a dusty pink on your walls and match with minimalist furniture. Greys from our Cube corner sofa and industrial-style Brooklyn range are particularly effective in cohesion with this colour, modernising the blushing hue.

9. Create focus with a rug

Grey gainsborough sofa in blue living room

Gainsborough four seater sofa

Every living room needs somewhere our eyes can be drawn to and, often, we want this to be our sofa. A great way to make your sofa that focal point is by laying a rug underneath. Not only does this create textual layers, but it allows you to add warming qualities, especially in a colder room or somewhere with wooden floors.

When choosing your area rug, either colour pick from the upholstery fabric so they act in harmony or go all-out and choose something vibrant while keeping everything else minimal or subtle.

10. Incorporate family-friendly living into your design

Bright living room with matching oak furniture and grey sofa

Morgan modular group 8 / Romsey tall bookcase / Romsey coffee table / Romsey tallboy / Romsey large sideboard

Our Morgan sofas call for relaxation thanks to their ultra-comfiness and rounded, bubble-like design, making them ideal for families with kids who love to jump and climb. Carry the family-friendly atmosphere into the remainder of your interior with our Romsey range; its soft curves, delightful details and sunny oak finish brings a ray of sunshine into any living room and looks especially brilliant when injected with colour.

11. Carve out a sanctuary

Fresh Start Living Room

Pasadena corner sofa / Shay coffee table / Herald wall clock

Interiors do their part in calming our mind and spirit, so if you want to create a paradisiacal relaxation space, you’ll want to create comfort in every corner. A sofa that wraps around your whole room means there’s always somewhere to fall back into. Our Pasadena corner sofa is perfect for a fresh colour palette, especially when the look is pulled together with gentle blues, blacks and greys in your cushions, wallpaper and rug.

Love this fresh look? Find out how you can adopt it in your home.

12. Give the illusion of space

Dark Blue Corner sofa with contrasting cushions

Fraser corner sofa

Creating more space is all about clever tricks of the eye. Choose sofas with slim exposed legs, much like our Fraser sofas, as being able to visualise the floor underneath your furniture will lift your seating and improve airflow.

13. Pair with a coffee table

Aegean style living room

Gainsborough three seater sofa / Kemble coffee table

So you’ve styled your dream living room – congratulations. You’ve got your sofa, your TV cabinet and a whole host of personal touches, but does there feel like there’s a gaping hole in the middle? Try matching your sofa with a coffee table and make a statement, looking after drinks, photo-heavy books and adding a bit of personality to an otherwise empty space. They’re also great for those seeking that little extra storage, keeping your living room tidy and organised.

If you’re looking for more coffee table inspiration, our guide helps you style yours.

14. Room to recline

Chocolate brown leather reclining sofa

Finley three seater recliner sofa / Finley storage footstool / Brooklyn small bookcase

There truly is nothing like a recliner sofa. Being able to stretch your legs and put your feet up while reading a bestseller or getting your teeth into your favourite TV show is a feeling like no other, but don’t forget: when styling your recliner sofa, leave enough empty inches in the area in front so you can recline with ease. This means giving a coffee table a miss if you’re scrimping on space, but, if you’re looking for storage and surfaces, side tables will do the trick or you can find depository footstools in our Finley range and beyond.

15. Perfect your prints

Grey fabric sofa with geometric cushions and matching rug

Jensen three seater sofa / Jensen footstool

A stylish way to create a cohesive look in your living room is to incorporate patterns and prints in a few key areas. Our Jensen sofas all come in silver with a choice of coral or zest pillows. As an addition, you can opt for a matching footstool in either the coral or zest print, drawing your eye across the cushions and onto the floor for a look that screams simplistic Scandi. Go the extra mile and even add an accent chair into the mix for truly enviable lounging.

16. Embrace the rainbow

blue sofa with red geometric patterned accent chair

Jasmine accent chair / Jasmine two seater sofa bed / Bevel coffee table / Bevel small bookcase / Novara lamp

Inject some energy and colour into your space with our Jasmine sofas. A traditional sofa design that will appeal to eclectic tastes thanks to their zesty colours and kaleidoscopic print. If you adore this splash of polychrome but want to reign it in slightly, balance out the colour with naturally finished oak that keeps the room bright but prevents it from feeling over the top. 

17. Accent with yellow

Grey-beige leather sofa in dark cosy living area

Inspire three seater sofa / Romsey coffee table / Romsey nest of tables / Barcelona lamp

Yellow is a versatile colour, encapsulating a myriad of shades from pale pastel hues to vibrant neons. It has an innate positivity and can be used as a bright pop of colour against natural oak furniture or silver leather such as can be found in our Inspire sofas.

For more on mustard, find out how we would style this season’s hottest colour.

18. A home for houseplants

Grey Sofa with Botanical themed cushions

Morgan modular group 5

Cultivating an urban jungle at home is about more than just scattering gorgeously green houseplants across your living room. While this does add that sought-after burst of life to your atmosphere and we do especially love the idea of hanging plants, it’s also about your accessories. Houseplants have a city-dwelling feel so work especially well against metallics and darker woods, perhaps rustic or those with an exotic grain. Our Morgan sofa provides the much-needed silver effect whereas a few choice pillows with leaf prints really hone horticulture home.

19. Master neutrality

Blue Grey fabric sofa in neutral living area

Cooper three seater sofa / Jasmine round footstool / St Ives tall bookcase

The beauty of clean lines and Scandi simplicity is how it encapsulates neutrality while still remaining interesting. It’s not just about black, white and grey; pretty pastels work with the theme, too. Soft colouring, from the modern Cooper sofas to painted furniture, emits serene sophistication and is best highlighted with pared-back accessories and furnishings.

20. Double up with a loveseat

Beige living area with matching 3 piece suite

Gainsborough three seater sofa / Gainsborough loveseat / Gainsborough footstool / Kemble side table / Kemble tall bookcase

Sometimes a corner sofa doesn’t fit the needs of your living room but the space still leaves room for desire in terms of places to sit. Maximise the potential of your sofa with a matching loveseat – a chair that scores you points for both practicality and style, creating a perfect archipelago of seating.

If you’re ready to give your living room a fresh new look with a beautiful fabric or leather sofa, take a look at our extensive selection today

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