18 Ways To Style Your Sideboard

You may not realise it yet, but the sideboard often sits at the heart of your home. With endless storage possibilities, our sideboards are made for life, always from 100% solid hardwood and can effortlessly slot into any room of the home. They’re also fantastic style statements and, if you’re wondering just what you can do with them, here are 18 impressive ways to spruce up your sideboard.

Show off natural flair with houseplants

Copenhagen sideboard

Copenhagen small sideboard

Houseplants give a breath of fresh air like nothing else and, if your sideboard is feeling a little lifeless, add leafy pot plants and tumbling climbers to get your surroundings more in touch with the great outdoors. They’ll make you feel calm and collected, plus they help bring out the beauty of the natural oak that built our Copenhagen sideboard.

Accentuate with art

large white modern sideboard in wooden panelled room

Hove large sideboard / Coco accent chair

There’s often plenty of wall space above a sideboard, beckoning you to fill the gap with some artwork. Make sure the balance is right and nothing is too large or too small so it’s cohesive with the rest of your display. You want to draw the eye in, so accompany with minimalist accessories with tones picked from the picture.

Convert it into a makeshift bar cart

Rustic oak sideboard used as a drinks cart

Orrick large sideboard

Transforming your sideboard into a bar cart can either be a permanent fixture of your home or a pop-up feature when guests come to dine and drink. The rich rustic colouring of our Orrick sideboard looks particularly striking when adorned with the orbs, potion bottles and crystalline glasses associated with cocktails and nightcaps.

Opt for traditional simplicity

rustic oak dining table and chairs in open kitchen

Original Rustic small sideboard

Your furniture doesn’t always have to stand out: often, it can be one key component in a bigger design picture. Why not go for something like our Original Rustic sideboard in your dining room? Its steadfast simplicity allows you to be a bit more playful with the rest of your decor, think Wave Back dining chairs in the same rustic finish and gorgeous, Mediterranean-inspired floor tiling.

Match accessories to the sideboard’s hue

sage green painted sideboard in urban kitchen

Brindle small sideboard

For a coordinated look that doesn’t involve investing in the entire range, try getting colour inspiration from the finish of the sideboard – particularly if it’s painted, like our Brindle collection. We used the sage as a base for picking out greens, teals, yellows and greys for the accompanying decor.

Grab attention with wall hangings

Large oak sideboard with bohemian styled accessories

Alto large sideboard

You could hang a regular framed artwork over a sideboard and it would look brilliant, or you could play with something a bit different and display some textural wall hangings. Handwoven designs give a personal, 3-D edge to your decor without being too flashy or showy as well as make an otherwise blank canvas totally unique.

Utilise an awkward corner

small oak sideboard topped with flowers and fresh fruit

Canterbury small sideboard

There are often empty nooks and crannies in our home, such as bay windows and slight angles, that are crying out for use. Incorporate a smaller sized sideboard for these types of narrow spaces and maximise the storage potential of your home.

Coordinate with the rest of your dining room

white modern matching dining room furniture in grey dining room

Hove small sideboard / Hove dining table with six chairs / Hove large dresser

Those with a penchant for coordinated furniture will love the idea of filling a room with pieces from the same range to create focus and unity. Offset the Hove range with charcoal greys and splashes of blue to create contrast and stop your sideboard blending into the background.

Display your kooky side

Mango wood sideboard in terrazzo style living room

Mantis Light six drawer large sideboard / Jasmine two seater sofa / Jasmine accent chair

Take on terrazzo trends for a home design that desires vibrancy and colour. The exotic mango grain of our Mantis Light sideboard clashes, yet complements the marble-like feature wall. The jewel colours of the Jasmine seating are repeated in the opulent ornaments of the sideboard’s surface for an all-encompassing kaleidoscopic design.

Embrace quaint country living

RusticRustic oak sideboard in minimal kitchen with dog

Hercules large sideboard

Adopt farmhouse living into your home with a rustic sideboard from our Hercules range. Allow a few choice plants to sprout and maybe even display your Le Creuset dishes for a charming pastoral effect – they are a gorgeous accessory in their own right, after all. 

Go retro with your accessories

modern curved sideboard bar cart in contemporary living room

Romsey large sideboard

Take the most, sophisticated aspects of 1970s luxe such as glamorous metallics and curvaceous furniture and you have a refined take on retro. Our Romsey sideboard has the concaves pinned down, all you need to do is make a statement with copper or brass style kitchenware and modern, reflective artwork.

Introduce elegance into your dining room

white painted sideboard and matching dining table with chairs

Shay small sideboard / Shay dining table with six chairs

The delicate almond grey of our Shay small sideboard will be part of the dining room of your dreams. Its elevated legs and graceful cornices make it the perfect addition to an easy, breezy dining room. Style minimally as it’s an ornament within itself, or add a few choice dishes and bowls for practical use.

Accentuate with an area rug

Rustic oak sideboard in blue living room with house plants

Original Rustic small sideboard

A good way to create focus around your sideboard is to frame it with an area rug. Colour pick with shades similar to its own palette to avoid either the rug looking out of place and to draw attention to the sideboard as a key piece of furniture in the room.

Experiment with height

Sage green painted sideboard topped with a variety with house plants

Brindle large sideboard

Compared to bookcases, display cabinets and dressers, sideboards are relatively low stacked pieces of furniture. From here, the only way is up. Use the surface to experiment with levels, be it with plants, vases or small shelves, and you’ll be the envy of all your friends – they’ll be lusting after your innovative home styling techniques. 

Bring a modern edge to dining

Grey painted sideboard with matching table and chairs

St. Ives large sideboard / St. Ives dining table with chairs

Our St. Ives range takes the shape of traditional dining room furniture and modernises it with a sleek grey finish, smooth oak tops and shiny metal handles. Because of the different materials used, it’s a great range to fill one room with. We love the idea of adding a touch of femininity to the sideboard’s surface with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Contrast with your walls

Copenhagen large sideboard

Copenhagen large sideboard

Dark, velvety colours are extremely popular in interior design at the minute and you can make a huge feature of them in your home if you pair them with lighter colour furniture. We’ve found natural oak furniture, like our Copenhagen sideboard, works really well against these shades because it manages to make the opposing hues stand out.

Keep ornaments minimal

Industrial Style large sideboard with a frame and house plant on top

Brooklyn large sideboard

It’s not all about bringing a splash of colour – sometimes, monochrome is magical. With a piece as stylish as our Brooklyn sideboard, you’ll want to keep things to a minimum to stay true to its New York loft-inspired industrial design. It’s oak surfaces and doors, as well as a simple house plant, prevent the look from washing out.

Think family-friendly design

modern curved oak sideboard in colourful room

Romsey large sideboard

On the other end of the spectrum, you may want your sideboard to reflect the fun of your family home. Keep the sideboard itself simple, then use rugs, artwork and quirky accessories to reflect the personality of every member of your clan.

How do you style your sideboard? We’d love to see your pictures – use #OakFurnitureland on Instagram to give us a peek into your home.