Cosy Up Your Bedroom For Winter

The temperatures have dropped (finally!), the clocks have gone back, the central heating has come on, the wood burner is back in action and, in short: winter is on its way! Trying to stay warm and cosy is admittedly easier for some people than others. I know from personal experience that whilst I will sit with a woolly jumper and a big blanket wrapped around me, my man will happily walk around in a t-shirt! Whilst I’m clutching a mug of hot tea, he’ll down a glass of chilled beer. However, I choose to just ignore this “I don’t get cold” thing and continue on my quest to warm myself up as well as our home. And that’s the thing: a cosy and warm-looking home contributes a lot to me feeling warm. I’m sure that must be the same for other people?


One of the rooms where I really need to feel warm in Winter is the bedroom. Nothing worse than cold feet under the duvet, right? Now, this is not about a complete overhaul or repainting your walls in a warm colour, this is just about adding a few small details that will warm you up physically and make you feel cosy. We’re talking textures and a warm glow here. Since the main focus in the bedroom is on the actual bed, it’s where the main decorating focus should be. So, whilst crisp cotton and linen is very pleasant in summer, during the colder months we need something warmer and heavier. You could start with the bedding itself: soft, brushed cotton is great for a really snuggly feel in bed and possibly my favourite for keeping warm. Adding lots of texture to the bed will give it a warmer look as well as keeping you comfortable. This could be wool, fake fur or velvet – which is very much on trend right now.


Whilst wool will have a more natural and rustic feel, velvet will give your bedroom a more elegant look. And don’t think just because it’s winter you have to go all dark. Blush for example works really well during the darker months and might lift your spirits a little when it’s gloomy outside.


Many of us will have wooden floors in our bedroom and whilst wood isn’t necessarily cold in itself, it can look and therefore feel a little cold and bare in Winter. You can easily and quickly get a cosier feel just by adding a big rug. When jumping out of bed on a cold morning, feeling a fluffy rug under your feet is guaranteed to make you feel a little warmer.


One of the often overlooked, but very important components of making a bedroom winter-cosy is lighting. Nobody can feel comfortable and warm with one glaring ceiling light! So, small light sources are the way to go. Have you browsed the Oak Furniture Land range of lamps yet? They’re great for adding a warm glow with something a little different. Alternatively, a string of ball lights or even fairy lights brings just the right amount of light along with a little fun. Candles are of course also really nice, but require somewhat more attention in order to stay safe…


Very often it’s the smallest details that can make all the difference. Whether it’s a change of bedlinen or bed throw, these small changes can make or break a look and feel. The same goes for accessories. Chose some warm metals (brass or copper) to give the warm winter look the final polish. All the items together, from the velvets and fake furs to the lights and accessories, will then harmoniously work together to create a truly cosy winter bedroom.