What To Do Before You’re Due

There are a million books and articles out there offering help and advice on what to do once your baby arrives, but we wanted to know – what should you do before then? What are the really crucial moments to pay attention to? What should be at the top of your to do list?

To celebrate the launch of our fully adaptable and – we think – rather beautiful nursery range, we went out to some of our favourite mummy bloggers to get the inside scoop on their pre-motherhood tips and tricks. We’ve spoken before about our love of bloggers, and once again these knowledgeable ladies have come up trumps.

So, if you’re counting down the days until your bundle of joy arrives and life is changed forever, here’s our very favourite top tips.


Once baby arrives, you’ll be so busy enjoying every moment that everything else will fly out of the window. Everyday activities like popping to the shop will be ancient history, so in the final months of pregnancy stock pile as many toiletries, baby wipes and nappies as you possibly can! And as Jenni from Chilling with Lucas pointed out, don’t forget the stuff for you as well – from toilet paper to baked beans to washing up liquid. If you need it now, you’ll need it then, so keep an eye out for 2-for-1 offers.

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Although you won’t be able to think of anything but the baby soon enough, you’ll still need to eat! Stock up on freezer-friendly Tupperware (we like this set of three from Tupperware Lady) and make life a lot easier for yourself by spending a weekend in the kitchen before your due date. Once Chelsea from Love in Modern Life had her little one, the healthy meals she’d frozen beforehand were a lifesaver (and great for shifting that baby weight, too!)

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As your family grows, you and your partner will feel closer than ever. But, it’s inevitable that in the first few months of parenthood you’ll spend most of your time on the baby and not much of it on each other. Make the most of it being just the two of you, enjoying each other’s company. Lauren from BelleduBrighton suggested organising a cinema date – something that will be impossible once the baby comes!

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Although your life will stop for the baby, not everybody else’s will. So that your nearest and dearest don’t feel neglected in those first few months, stock up on birthday cards and presents, wrapping and writing as many as you can so they’re ready to go without even having to think. Thanks to Lisa from Baby Not Included for this tip – we never would’ve thought of it!

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Soon enough, haircuts and highlights will feel like an unimaginable luxury – as Samantha from North East Family Fun reminded us. So, as your due date approaches, book yourself in to spend some quality time at the salon. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure as well, or a full leg wax if you fancy it. Whatever is going to help you feel like the glamorous Mummy you are over the next months is certainly worth it! But if you’re already a bit too busy to pop out, check out Lauren Conrad’s guide to mastering the at-home manicure.

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Elaine from A Hint of White’s top tip was to make space, and lots of it! You can’t imagine now how much room a baby is going to take up, and soon enough your house will be overflowing with stuffed toys. This can be quite alarming if you’re used to having everything in its own place, so ease the blow by decluttering as much as possible before you’re due. Our blanket boxes provide the perfect storage solution, whilst keeping your home stylish.

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This one is a no-brainer, but it’s so important to make sure everything’s complete before the baby arrives – you don’t want any little hands knocking over buckets of paint! For Zena at Zena’s Suitcase, this was the most important part of the baby prep process. If you’re stuck for ideas we’ve put together lots of guides to themed nurseries, from vintage to woodland, and our brilliant new nursery range will expand to accommodate your little one as they grow.

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It’s really important to spend quality time with your other half, your family and your friends before the baby arrives, but it’s equally important to spend quality time with yourself. As Morgan from Morgan’s Milieu pointed out it’ll be a long time before you have that again, so in the months leading up to the birth of your baby make sure you spend time doing the things that you want to do. Whether that’s whiling away an afternoon with the latest Maeve Binchy, or getting out and socialising with your girlfriends on the weekend, be sure to make this a priority.

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What are your top tips for things to do before you give birth? Or if you’re about to give birth, what’s at the top of your to do list? We want to hear all about it!

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