Why You Should Use Nesting Tables

A set of nesting tables is the ideal space saving device, especially if your room size is limited. You can easily move them around the room depending on your needs, and not have to worry about cluttering up your space. There are so many different styles on offer, and endless opportunity to decorate them according to your look.

For a while, the humble nesting table was deemed to have gone out of fashion, but we beg to differ – look no further for our ideas on how to arrange and decorate yours. Once you’ve seen how versatile they are, they’ll soon become a staple in your home!

edinburgh nest of tables

How to arrange nesting tables

When you envisage a set of nest of tables, it’s likely that you’ll first imagine them in a living room situation. However, there are many other places you can use them!

Why not try using them to:

  • Replace nightstands in the bedroom
  • As kid-size surfaces for playrooms
  • Display makeup and your favourite products in the bathroom
  • Give additional side tables or spare seats in the lounge
  • Provide extra plant displays in the conservatory


Picture this: You’ve set up camp on the sofa for a relaxing Sunday afternoon read. Favourite book at the ready, freshly made coffee steaming by your side. Just as you’re getting comfortable, your drink ends up over all the book. When you don’t have enough room to put all your things away safely, it’s an accident waiting to happen (we’ve all been there!). Why not try arranging your nesting tables in a stepped format so that you’re not taking up lots of space but you’ve still got lots of separate surfaces to use.

tokyo nest of tables

Tokyo Nest of Tables

One of the great things about space-saving furniture is that you can arrange them to suit any occasion. Got some guests coming over? No need to worry about where they can put the numerous cups of tea you bring them as you’re setting the world to rights – just separate out your nest of tables and position each one around the room for easy-access drinks and nibbles. When you’re done entertaining, just pop them back in the nest to go back to a minimal, clean look.

How to decorate with nesting tables

Often the reason for using a set of nesting tables is to save on space, but how can you make yours part of the decoration without just making the room feel cluttered? When it comes to decorating your pieces, the key is in the details- but finding a convenient corner where the tables can be used whilst not being in the way is the biggest challenge. Then, it’s time to get creative with beautiful statement lamps, coffee table books, or other ornaments that you’ve collected. This way, you’ll ensure that they will become a feature in itself, and not just a practicality

Seychelles nest of tables

Seychelles Nest of Tables

As much as we do love (and need!) the everyday functionality, decorating with nesting tables is a great opportunity to combine style and substance. A lack of space and furniture can so often be a cause of woe when it comes to interior design. Less space = less opportunities to get creative, right? Not so! All you’ve got to do is learn how to decorate them. By experimenting a little with your nest of tables, you’ll be surprised at how many different ways you can bring a little embellishment to your favourite functional furniture. Something as simple as arranging them in ascending order rather than having them all stacked when not in use will add intriguing levels to your room, and from there it’s up to you with how you beautify them!

So what do you think? Are nesting tables the missing piece of your home decor? We’d love to see how you have arranged and decorated your own set. Don’t forget to share your nest of tables inspiration photos on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!

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