As a nation of gin lovers, what better way to celebrate World Cocktail Day than by sharing our ultimate gin and tonic recipe…

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Step 1: Start with a cold glass
Step 2: Add a single or double shot of your preferred gin to the glass (25-50ml)
Step 3: Roll a whole lime before you cut it to release the extra fruity flavour inside
Step 4: Cut 2x lime wedges per serving and squeeze both into the gin to enhance it’s flavour
Step 5: Add plenty of ice (almost fill the glass) and top with the two squeezed lime wedges
Step 6: Pour in your desired tonic whether plain or flavoured (around 200ml to 50ml of gin or whatever suits your personal taste) and stir gently
Step 7: Sit back, relax and sip in the sunshine (responsibly of course)

Check out some of our team’s top gin brands to try – Salcombe Gin, Silent Pool, Tanqueray 10 and Sibling. Then, for the best accompanying tonic flavours, look towards Fever Tree & Fentimans.

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