How To Style Your Console Table

The console table is quite possibly the most underappreciated piece of furniture in our homes. Sat quietly against a wall in our dining room, living room or hallway, it’s easy to overlook its potential but dig a little deeper and you’ll realise just how versatile that little table can be.

In fact, it really is more than just a table or a surface to throw our keys on. It can work in so many different ways in the home and take care of so many different needs. It’s time to stop overlooking the console and start to appreciate it. Here’s why.

Where Can You Use a Console Table?

In a narrow hallway, console tables are the perfect space savers. Small enough to house keys, boots or post but large enough to make an impact. Top yours with a large mirror for that all-important last-minute check as you walk out the door and top with a small bowl to capture keys or loose change when you return.

french farmhouse sideboard

In the dining room, they can be a wonderful addition, especially if you haven’t a lot of room for additional storage pieces like sideboards or dressers. Stash away cutlery or linens in the handy drawers or use the shelves to display your favourite crockery.

They can also act as a great alternative to the traditional bar cart. Top with a tray and gather your favourite spirits and mixers together alongside a few different styles of glasses. Choose a few pieces of barware and a beautiful ice bucket to finish things off and invite friends round for an impromptu cocktail party.

alto console table

In the living room, they can take the place of a bookshelf or add an additional surface upon which to express your style. Baskets underneath will hold additional cushions or a throw cushion on cosy movie nights and the drawers can hold remote controls or magazines you can’t bear to throw away.

Consider other areas they may make the best use of space. A small console table may be the perfect addition to a bathroom to hold additional towels or toiletries. In the bedroom, they can create the perfect spot as a vanity for your early morning or night time routine. They can even be used in a kitchen if cupboard space is at a premium to hold additional dishes or dry food.

original rustic console table

As you can see, the console table is incredibly versatile and can really be used in just about any room in the home.

How to Style Your Console Table

When decorating, don’t neglect the top of your console table. Create an extension of your style with a purposeful display area that fits right into the rest of your home.

mantis light console table

Consider a large piece of artwork to hang above your console table and then layer other objects in front of it. Utilise some taller pieces at the back and smaller pieces at the front. Use a tray to corral smaller items together to give the whole thing a more pulled-together vibe.

If you don’t want to make holes in your wall, consider leaning artwork instead which will allow for a rotating display. Again, you’ll want to layer a few choice objects in front of it. Consider sticking with a colour theme or stick with neutrals in contrasting materials.

country cottage console table

Plants and flowers always look great on any surface and the console table is a great place to show off a few beautiful blooms or a potted plant.

With so many options available for both using and styling your console table, it’s clear just how valuable this piece of furniture can be in a home. If you are looking to add a console table to your home, why not check out our beautiful range of console tables on Oak Furniture Land?