The month of Halloween has arrived and it’s a great excuse to have a bit of spooky fun at home. From making toffee apples to giving your home a scary makeover, here are some Halloween traditions that we love embracing every year.

Pumpkin picking

PexelsZen Chung

A trip to the local farm to pick your own pumpkins is always a fun family tradition. Many visitor attractions, farm shops and farmers’ markets now have dedicated Halloween events that offer the chance to choose your own from a pumpkin patch – with all manner of varieties and sizes to be found. And of course, pumpkin patches are the perfect backdrop for super cute family snaps.

Creative carving

UnsplashLukasz Nieścioruk

Once you’ve chosen your pumpkins, it’s time to carve. While it’s a messy job to hollow out the pumpkins, it’s part of the fun. Just put some wipeable sheets down while you get to work. Once the pumpkin is hollow, get to work on your designs, using a pencil to draw it on first if you’re unsure of your creative ability! You’ll find lots of tutorials online to help with inspiration, and you might want to get some special pumpkin carving tools to make it easier and safer.

Halloween baking

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Cookies, cakes, toffee apples, and more, give your baking a spooky twist and make some delicious Halloween treats. Kids will love having fun in the kitchen and of course, the whole family will enjoy eating them. Plus, they’re a great idea if you’re planning to host a party this Halloween. Find lots of seasonal recipe on BBC Good Food.

Pumpkin spice lattes

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Tis’ the season of pumpkin spice lattes and of course it would be rude not to indulge. Nothing says ‘hello autumm’ more than a steaming cup of coffee with deliciously spiced pumpkin syrup to take it up a notch. If pumpkin flavours aren’t your thing, try other seasonal syrups such as gingerbread or cinnamon.

Trick or treat

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While not for everyone, families with young children will no doubt be heading out to go trick or treating. It’s such a fun tradition that kids look forward to as soon as schools go back in September. If you’re creative then you might want to try making a costume but if not, you can find lots of fancy dress options online and in supermarkets.

Halloween decor

Shay large dresser | @ourlittlehome2017

Of course, you can’t ignore the excuse to add a bit of Halloween decor to your home. We like the idea of keeping it classy and decorating your dresser, console table or sideboard with tasteful displays of multi-coloured munchkins (mini pumpkins) and delicate fairy lights.

We’d love to hear what your favourite Halloween traditions are. Tag us at #OakFurnitureland on Instagram.