Halloween Traditions by Emma Fishman

From making toffee apples to giving your home a spooky look, we each have our own little family traditions for Halloween. Emma Fishman takes us through her favourite traditions from craft and decorating to eating.

Emma fishman interior stylist

Interior stylist Emma Fishman began her career at Country Homes & Interiors, where her passion for all things home décor began. Since then, Emma has worked for Ideal Home, Good Homes, House Beautiful and other leading interior design magazines, establishing her credentials as one of the most creative and talented minds in the interior design business.
We were lucky enough to sit down with Emma earlier this year to get her scoop on the best interior design trends for your home…


I love celebrating Halloween with my family, it feels like the perfect excuse to party just before Christmas comes along. My youngest daughter, Sadie, is 8 and loves to dress up – each year has to be even scarier than the last!  “I want to be a butcher with blood on my apron” Sadie announced last week.  So, I’m now sourcing a cheap white apron so I can dribble down some red food colouring and then look for a pretend plastic knife…the gorier the better as far as she’s concerned!

halloween sugar skill cookies

I have a few friends and family coming over too but as it’s a school night it won’t be late one.  Sadie and I are making scary face pizzas and monster finger biscuits to get everyone into the spirit of things.

Being prepared for trick and treating is a must where I live. We have a code not to disturb houses that don’t have a pumpkin displayed outside. All three of my children love to carve their own masterpiece for the outside of the house.  My kitchen often looks like a war zone during the process. I make sure safety comes first though when using candles, I have all real candle flames well out of reach of children knocking on the door and try to use battery operated lanterns and tealights where I can.

Supermarkets such as Sainsburys and Asda make your ghoulish decorating for Halloween a cinch. It’s so easy to pick up lanterns, themed tableware and treat buckets.  I buy lots of sweets but mix it up with wrapped brussel sprouts to surprise the guests too. Not so popular! I drape pumpkin fairy lights and orange bunting above the mantelpiece and group together a small selection of squashes and pumpkins for a colourful, autumnal display.

dark halloween decor

If you’re in the mood for some DIY, spray paint some long twigs black, picked up from your woodland walks, position in a tall vase and hang homemade scary cookies with orange ribbon. A trip to Homesense for some last-minute finishing touches is definitely worth it.  I always come out with more than I had planned but it’s brilliant for those extra special creepy decorations!

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