Black Is The New Black In Garden Design

Since the official start of summer, my other half and I joined most of the nation in turning our attention to the outdoors and tackling our outside space. We erected a pergola at the back of the garden and laid some decking and whilst things are still in progress, I realised one of the aspects of the designs we were creating was something that’s been rising in popularity over the last couple of years.

black pergola and trellis

One of the biggest trends in design is using rich, dark colours indoors and as such, our outside areas are not immune to the trend. More and more I am noticing gardens using black to create a luxe look outside as we have done above.

Why use black? It may be a strange choice but if you turn to Scandinavian design where it’s been popular for a few years now, it becomes evident how beautiful a darker hue can be for things like fence panels, decking and other outdoors structures. Just as it does inside, colours look more vibrant and really pop against a darker background so the vibrancy of trees, plants and flowers become the star of the show in your garden.

How can you use black in your own garden? Today, I’m sharing a few ideas for how to use it in your own outside space.


black fence

Probably one of the most obvious choices is to use black on your wood fences. The colour then envelopes the area, creating a united look around your property. Combined with soft greying wood, there’s an understated elegance and any trees or side borders you have will pop against that dark background.


painted brick in black

If you have brickwork around your property then painting it black will give it a rich look that provides a deeper and more interesting contrast than any standard red brick could. Here, hanging planters and raised pots draw all of the attention along with a bold mix of textiles but it’s really the black back wall that provides the perfect backdrop to a bold use of colour.


garden with black trellis

Trellis will always add a bit of pattern and privacy to a garden but I loved how in the garden above, the black painted trellis uses mirrors behind it to bounce light around the garden and provide a subtle contrast to the rich black fencing around it.


black pergola

Just as we have used in our own garden, a black pergola can create an interesting structure especially when you allow climbing plants to envelope it as it’s done here. Against the black, the deep greens and reds of the vines are played up and create a real statement piece in the garden.

Exterior of your home

SF Girl By Bay Black House

And finally, you may want to consider painting the exterior of your home in black. Certainly not for the faint of heart but the impact of a black exterior will certainly create a bold and wonderful contrast to whatever else you have around your property.

How would you use black in your outside spaces? Is this a trend you love or do you think black has no place in a garden? Tweet us @OFLOakFurniture and let us know what you think!