8 Mistakes & Worries Of A New Parent

Having your first baby is a wonderful new adventure, which unfortunately doesn’t come with an instruction manual! In those first few weeks and months after you bring your little one home, you’ll want to do everything perfectly – but remember, you’re only human, and human beings do make mistakes. You’re not alone!

To celebrate the launch of our nursery range, we went out to some of our favourite parenting bloggers to find out what mistakes they’d made in those first few months…

Bye bye baby!

They might not be able to walk yet, but they certainly can wriggle, and Jenni from Chilling With Lucas’ little one had a habit of rolling off the bed – oops! We all know how important it is to keep an eye on the little one at all times, but sometimes these things do happen. As long as your baby is safe you don’t need to worry too much – just make sure it doesn’t happen often, and remember that there’s no such thing as too many soft furnishings!

Becoming a bookworm

In the 9 months before you’re due, it’s inevitable that you’ll pick up one or two books on motherhood. Then, when the bundle of joy arrives, don’t be surprised if you start reading them obsessively and panicking that you’re not doing everything by the book! But don’t worry – although books like this can be a wonderful resource in those early days, they’re only ever a guide. As Samantha from North East Family Fun advises, trust your instincts – nobody knows your baby like you do.

Not getting enough sleep

The pressure to be superwoman means that an awful lot of mothers forget the most fundamental rule of early parenting – sleep when the baby sleeps! For Caroline from My Family Ties this key bit of advice was crucial when she had her little ones, but easily forgotten. Make sure to make it a priority in the early days. Everything else can wait!

Battling with nappies

You can watch every YouTube tutorial out there, but nothing compares to actually changing a nappy for the first time. You’re bound to get it wrong, and you’re bound to get it wrong a few times! From going through too many in one go to putting it on back to front (like Rishi from Mummy and the Cuties), don’t beat yourself up about this – you’ll figure it out. And if nothing else, it’s certainly a funny story to tell the friends and family!

Buying too many baby clothes

As you’re counting down the days until your due date, it will be hard to resist stocking up on all those adorable little baby clothes. Top advice from Louise from My Three And Me – avoid temptation, if you can! Your baby will grow faster than you can imagine, and before you know it you won’t remember how they could ever fit into those clothes. Be sure to get the basics before the baby arrives but don’t go crazy, and remember you’ll probably get an awful lot of onesies as presents!

Brand new baby technology

You might have practiced putting together the car seat and pram a million times, but somehow all of that knowledge will desert you once the baby arrives. This was definitely the case for Lisa from Baby Not Included! Whether it’s your partner, parent or your friendly midwife, try to make sure there’s somebody around to keep an eye on the baby whilst you do battle with all your new fangled equipment.

Forgetting everything

Leaving the house used to be a breeze – but not anymore! As Morgan from Morgan’s Milieu explained, “whether it’s nappies, their favourite blanket, or even the baby(!) your memory will suddenly desert you!”. Try not to be too hard on yourself – just as long as there’s somebody around to make sure the baby doesn’t get forgotten too often…!

 Worrying too much

The biggest mistake is feeling guilty. We all worry if we are doing it right? Are we creating a rod for our own backs? What if we mess the baby up for life?! Stop it! The mere fact you are worrying means that you’re a good mum. Do your best. That’s all any of us are doing.” – Pinky and Pug

This one came up an awful lot! Whether it was obsessing over books, advice from family members or what they were reading online, plenty of Mummy bloggers said their biggest mistake was simply worrying too much. The first few months of parenting are such a special time, so it’s really important not to waste them panicking about whether or not you’re doing everything right. Trust your instincts, look after yourself as well as your little one, and soak up every precious moment you have together.

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