The 2017 Trends You’ll Want for Your Home

I’ve never been one to slavishly follow trends. When my friends were running about in ballet flats, I was still desperately clinging on to my platforms (well, I’m only 5’3″) and when everyone was still loving chrome finishes,  I was happily covering all of my chrome with gold spray paint. Yes, trends will always come and go and finding your own personal style can be refreshing when you don’t have to worry about what’s in and what’s out. However, I do love to keep an eye on what’s going to be big in the interior design world. Sometimes your home needs that little bit of a refresh that only a good trend will provide and it will make your home feel just a little fresher, a little more up-to-date.

My favourite way to incorporate new trends is via accessories that can easily be swapped out when you tire of them but if you are looking for some that have really caught my eye, then you are in for a treat today. Here are just a few of the trends that I think you’re going to love in 2017.


terrazzo kitchen with dark green and gold accents

Is Terrazzo the new marble? It may not be taking over our kitchens, bathrooms and flooring just yet but there is certainly a buzz for this Italian material on the design scene. Incorporating various bits of marble, glass, granite or quartz, this composite material creates a stunning backdrop of texture and colour in your design scheme as well as being incredibly durable and totally water-resistant.

Creative Tile Designs

beautiful tiles in a bathroom

Speaking of kitchens and bathrooms, we may be seeing a backlash in the seemingly ubiquitous subway tile. In its place are eye-catching encaustic and patterned tiles, giving a room a well-travelled look and carries on from the bohemian trend that was all the rage last year. Keep an eye out for tiles laid out in unsual formats as well – from herringbone to windmill patterns, this is the year that tiles get sexy.

Textural Accents and Fabrics

textural accents bohemian style home

Speaking of the bohemian trend, there are so many elements that will continue to play a role in our homes this year. We’ll see lots of textural accents from tassels to fringing cropping up on cushions, rugs, lamps, curtains and more. It’s playful and adds a layer of texture to any room setting, making the space that bit more cosy and comfortable.

Handmade Artisan Objects


With technology becoming more and more a part of almost everything we do (I speak to my Echo more than I do my other half some days it seems), there’s a real pull to feeling as though we are still connected to natural things. Handmade objects will continue to trend into 2017 with the hand of the maker being apparent in everything from mugs and pot plants to our everyday utensils. They give a space a rustic look that harkens back to a simpler time.

Natural Wood Finishes


Playing into that “natural is better” mentality, we’re also seeing highly finished and varnished wood set aside in favour of more natural and tactile finishes in wood. It’s clear that cheap laminate and MDF in furnishings was never going to be ecologically sustainable and so more and more of us are opting for good quality furnishings that last a lifetime. Take our Manor House Range, for example, which uses real oak with a natural stain that can easily be passed down to future generations.

The Colour Green

olive green sofa with green accents living room

Move over indigo, there’s a new colour on the scene set to take over our homes this year. While Pantone has declared Greenery – a pale Spring green with lots of yellow – as their Colour of the Year, I actually feel it’s darker and more moody shades of green we’ll really be seeing on the high street. From jewel tones like emerald to moodier olive and forest green, we’ll see it on everything from our walls to our furnishings alongside a healthy dose of houseplants too.

70’s Glam


And finally, we’ll be seeing a huge influx of everything 70’s glam – velvet, gold finishes and faux fur will all be big this year, giving us a taste of what living the high life in the 70’s must have been like. Gold will only become a more popular metallic, leaving copper and rose gold behind as their popularity starts to cool. You can start off small – perhaps a faux fur throw or a set of gold cutlery – or lavish on the luxe with vintage light fittings and objet d’art.

Which trends will you be adopting in 2017? We’d love to hear from you! Tweet us @OFLOakFurniture, or get in touch through Facebook or Instagram.