13 Things To Do Before You Move

Moving home is one of the most exciting times, it’s the mark of a new adventure, a new page in life. But whether you’re moving between rented accommodation, buying a new home, or downsizing, there is a lot to think about.

That’s why we’ve compiled a handy list of the top things to remember when starting out on the moving process.

pre-moving tip

1. It’s okay to get help! If you are buying or selling your home, enlist the help of a conveyancing solicitor to help navigate the legal process. Renters, your estate agent can be a great resource, too. If you are moving for a job relocation, don’t be afraid to ask if your new employer will help cover costs at all. When it comes to moving, every little bit helps.

2. Get up to date on your insurance. There are a few special considerations for insurance when you are moving. Firstly, make sure you are covered for your move, on both moving day, and in your new home. Get your valuables assessed, and consider making an inventory of your belongings. This will not only help you if you need to make a claim, it will also help when working with your removals company.

research the area  pre-moving tip

3. Research the area. This is not only a great way to build some excitement for the upcoming move, but it also helps you build local connections that will make your new life easier. Find your nearest petrol station, supermarket, or cafe to start feeling a part of a new community.

4. File it all away. Believe it or not, moving comes with a lot of paperwork, from estate agents to insurance, utilities to removals contracts. Treat yourself to a file which you can handily store all papers relating to your move and access them easily.

transfer and update your information pre-moving tip

5. Transfer and update your information. Don’t forget to update your new address on any financial accounts such as your pension, bank account, credit card or loans. It’s also a good idea to register at your new local doctor’s surgery and dentist. If you have children, ensure the address held on school records is up to date.

6. Your car is a vital part of the move.  It’s worth making sure it’s up to the job of moving! Give your car a service before the move takes place so there are no nasty breakdown surprises while you’re en route. And while you’re thinking about your car, do a test pack to make sure that everything you want to pack on your moving day actually fits in the the car. You’d be surprised how many people don’t and end up stuck!

removals plan pre-moving tip

7. Make a removals plan. You never know how much stuff you actually own until you try to move with it, so planning your removals well in advance is key! Order your boxes, and see what packing materials you can collect from friends, colleagues, or families. Start to get quotes from companies, and check all vehicle access restrictions for your new place.

8. Take a good hard look. Have a look around your current home at the furniture you have, and decide what pieces you’re bringing with you. A great tip is to print a floor plan of your new home to decide what is going where. Are there any gaps or missing pieces?

decluttering pre-moving tip

9. Begin decluttering. The more stuff you move with, the more expensive it tends to be, so now is a great time to begin minimising. Start in your least used rooms, and see if there is anything you can sell, donate, or toss to help make your move simpler.

10. Spring cleaning. Moving is one way to give yourself a clean slate,  so make sure your home is starting from clean, too. Arrange for a cleaning service on your old property (this is also great to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything), and set up one for the new place before you even arrive. That way you have the peace of mind to know everything is spic and span for you when you get there!

finalise move in date pre-moving tip

11. Finalise your move in date. The real fun starts when you have a set move-in date in mind. If you are buying a property, speak to your solicitor, who will be able to advise on timings for completing your purchase. Bear in mind that this can be shorter, or longer depending on if there is a chain on the property. For renters, give your landlord plenty of notice within the bounds of your rental agreement which will help make the transition easier.

12. Tackle your less used spaces. Obviously, there are plenty of rooms that you won’t be able to pack until the very end, but in the lead-up to your move, think about packing up and organising your lesser-used spaces, to help make the process easier. Tackling rooms like the garden shed, garage, guest rooms, or home office, can help save you time later in the moving process.

 pre-moving tip

13. Give yourself some time. Moving is tiring, but there are ways to make it easier for yourself. Book some time off work around your move – you’ll thank yourself later! If you have a long journey, consider booking an overnight hotel through your journey too. Book time off – think about overnight accommodation for long journeys or storage facilities if you need them.

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