7 Reasons You Need a Nest of Tables in Your Home

Whether they are just a place to set your cuppa or your kid’s favourite spot for a bit of colouring in, a nest of tables is the ultimate in space-saving genius and practicality.

Our gorgeous table nests are crafted by expert joiners from the best cuts of premium grade solid oak – this means they not only look fantastic but they work hard too! If you already have a set, you have probably used it in loads of different ways but if not, here’s why we think you should definitely have at least one set in your home.

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As a side table

This will be the most obvious so we’ll start here. If you are worried about space in your home but don’t want to give up the luxury of having a spot within easy reach of the remote, a compact nest of tables will be your most practical option aside your sofa.

Perfect as a lamp table or just for show with a potted house plant or a vase of blooms, you can add instant style to your room without taking up valuable space.

The tables can easily be moved around a room to accommodate a full house so there’s always somewhere to put down a drink – just remember the coasters!


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As kid-size surfaces

The low size of these little tables makes them perfect for kids, allowing them to perch and sit at their own table when they’re getting creative

Farmhouse Tables

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As SOS seating

Having guests around? The smallest tables of our ranges are sturdy enough for impromptu seating when you’ve got more bodies than chairs! Simply pop them back under the table when your guests go home.

In lieu of a hall table

If your hallway is small, one or two of these in the entrance will allow for your to sit and take off your shoes or as a perfect perch for your handbag or keys.


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As a drinks station

Pop a tray of your favourite tipples on top of one, a selection of glasses on the other and you’ll have an instant bar area for parties.

As a bedside table

For a sleek and uncluttered look, why not use a nest of tables instead of a bedside table? Set a lamp on top and a few of your favourite night-time reads with a carafe of water and you’re all set.

As a bath-side companion

Nowhere to put your towel or favourite lotions and potions in the bath? Why use one of the smaller tables as a tiny side table? Perfect for setting down a glass of wine and your latest read to luxuriate a little bit longer.

How would you use your nest of tables? We want to hear all about it!