Geometric interiors for the home

Geometric interior design can really give your home the edge. Easily incorporated into your floors, walls and fabrics, you can even consider the trend as an integral part of the furniture you choose. It can be a tricky trend to pull off, but once you do, it’s wonderfully satisfying and looks incredible.

But how can you use geometrics throughout your home? Read on for our styling tips.

Geometric Bedroom Ideas

White painted bed with geometric throw

Arlette king-size bed / Original Rustic bedside table

Let’s start with subtlety. If you’re intrigued by geometrics but unsure about going full-blown with bold patterns, there are lots of simple yet effective ways to bring geometry into your home. The easiest way is to bring it into your bed linens and subtle accessories.

The secret to a well-dressed bed is, to begin with colour. Match your geometric print with the hues of your bedroom to achieve this delicate effect. Here, we’ve used earthy greens and used a monochrome geometric print that really makes the bedding pop, bridging the gap between the rich olive of the sheets and the mid-tone grey of our Arlette bed.

For more easy ways to coordinate your bedding, read Secret Linen Store’s top tips.

White painted furniture with geometric rug

Kemble bedside table / Barcelona lamp / Mantis Light king-size bed / Kemble triple wardrobe

Turn up the heat and adopt Havana Nights-themed geometry in your bedroom design. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and want to make more of a statement with your prints, make a geometric rug the focal point of your bedroom. A tropical print will set a tone that’s vibrant, eclectic and full of life. It’s wise to note that geometric prints tend to mix effortlessly with paint-finished pieces, such as from our Kemble range.

White and oak furniture with geometric wallpaper

Country Cottage king-size bed / Oakdale blanket box / Oakdale triple wardrobe

If you want to go all-out on geometric print, consider a daring feature wall. This allows pops of colour to sing out from an otherwise neutral backdrop. Above, the clashing patterns of the wall, rug and bed sheets are used in surprising ways to add levels of interest, allowing the design to feel composed without the sometimes mundane matchy-matchy.

The geometry even extends to the furnishings, with pieces from our Oakdale range fashioned from chunky woods with linear grain patterns – an unexpected match to that of the bedding and wallpaper border.

Geometric Living Room Ideas

Grey Corner sofa with geometric rug

Memphis corner sofa / Brooklyn coffee table /  Original Rustic nest of tables / Kindi lamp

As we’ve demonstrated, you can go all-out with geometric rugs for the bedroom, but if you’re looking for something a little more understated for your living room, you’ll want to find a rug that satisfies your desire for shapes and lines without going OTT.

The scattering of the pattern above avoids making geometry the focal point, but instead helps emphasise the hard industrial lines of our boxy Brooklyn coffee table. Again, we’ve cleverly added a throw for consistency.

Blue living area with geometric footstool

Regency 4 seater sofa / Ashdown storage footstool / Morillo wall clock

You could go for one solid colour scheme, picking from a small range of different shades of a similar hue, and vary the pattern across your furnishings. We’ve paired our Regency sofa with the Ashdown footstool among a complementary rug and cushions to achieve a congruous, regal effect.

Grey corner sofa with geometric cushions

Monterrey modular sofa / Kirby storage footstool / Oakdale large dresser

Alternatively, draw influence from the 1980s Memphis interiors trend and splash flashy geometric motifs throughout your living room. Keep backgrounds inconspicuous while going wild with your fabrics – scattering eccentric prints across your cushions is particularly powerful, leaving geometrics feeling connected rather than isolated.

Living room with geometric flooring

Country Cottage small bookcase / Oakdale tall bookcase / Sydney accent chair

There’s still opportunity to be playful with geometrics on a smaller scale or in a smaller space. The age-old rule is to never clash prints but we wholly disagree. Electrify a reading nook by laying a tiled carpet underneath a prismatic rug. Pick your favourite colours from these schemes and use them to accessories, as we’ve done here with our opulent Sydney accent chair in mustard.

Geometric shaped living room storage boxes

Maddox twist chair / Oakdale nest of two tables / Oakdale nest of three table

Or, perhaps, leap even further and take geometrics a lot more literally and incorporate them directly into your pieces. Get inspired by cubist principles with the Oakdale nests of tables – true design originals with endless arrangement possibilities.

Geometric Dining Room

Cream painted dining room table and chairs

Country Cottage dining table / Curve Back dining chair

Geometrics is all about contrast and making this contrast work. We’ve achieved this in the dining room by alternating colours of the Curve Back dining chair to create an interconnected feel, bringing people together across the table. Complemented by the hexagonal wall embellishments.

breakfast bar table and chairs

Rhodes 3ft breakfast table / Rhodes cross back bar stool

Elongate your table legs and chairs by investing in the Rhodes breakfast table and matching cross back bar stools. The long, clean lines are highly satisfying and allow you to experiment with levels.

Geometric Home Office

Natural wood office desk with geometric wallpaper feature

Alto computer desk / Country Cottage dressing stool

Your home office is this perfect place to incorporate geometrics, giving you the ideal opportunity to spruce up a small corner of your home that’ll give you tons of inspiration when you need to get your head down. Your workspace furnishings can also subscribe to the geometric trend; the distinctive dovetail joints of our Alto range adding a modular angle to modern furniture.

Think you’ve now mastered geometrics? Let us know how you’re styling geometrics in your home using #OakFurnitureland on social media.