Halloween Pumpkins – With A Twist!

It’s October! Have I mentioned before that Autumn is my favourite season? The leaves falling, crisp mornings (ok, if we’re lucky and they’re not simply damp…), woolly socks and jumpers, apples and chestnuts, hot chocolate and pies… I could go on and on about this time of the year. Of course October is also the month of Halloween! That scarily fun day when children (and the odd adult) are roaming the streets and partying in weird and wonderful outfits. Chances are you might already be thinking about pumpkins and Halloween decorations and if you’re feeling a little stuck and thinking “same old, same old”, then these pumpkins with a twist might help you do things a little different this year.


If you’re planning something more elegant than scary, you’ll want your pumpkins to match the look. After all, a beautifully laid table is not really going to benefit from an orange pumpkin with a grinning face carved into it, right? So, let’s leave the grinning face to the devotees of the classic Halloween look and go for gold instead. A can of gold spray is all you’ll need to transform a humble pumpkin into a beautiful part of your table’s centrepiece. Use pumpkins in different sizes for more impact and combine with candles and gold-sprayed twigs and you have the perfect natural/elegant table setting.


If you like paper crafts and the natural look, then theses accordion “pumpkins” are perfect. They can be made as small or large as you like and you can use any coloured paper for them, though I do rather like these muted colours, they seem very fitting for this time of the year.

Melted Crayon

These colourful versions are just really fun and great for anybody who is either too scared of the real thing or simply likes as much colour as possible in their home and for their decorations. You’ll never get two looking exactly the same as you lay crayons on top of the pumpkin and melt them with a hairdryer. Clever, right?


Even more fun and very suitable for the age of messaging and modern technology are these emoji pumpkins. Definitely nothing scary here. Instead they’re painted with our favourite emoji faces and would make a really fun addition to a Halloween party for teens. Unless of course they’re just too cool to party, but that’s another story…


If you have a little time on your hands and are good at knitting, then these are just beautiful. Their autumnal colours combined with the warmth of the wool make them perfect for keeping around way beyond Halloween. They’re more ‘cosy country’ than scary and would be perfect for a warm gathering with friends eating stew around a wooden table. Who said Halloween has to be loud and bright?


Ok, so you (or possibly your teen) are too cool for all of it and Halloween isn’t really your thing. I get it. In that case, might I suggest the coolest and possibly most ironic of pumpkins? This hipster version: painted black and with a simple moustache (also available with thick-rimmed glasses), it should fit the bill perfectly and you will still be able to party whilst holding onto your style credentials 😉

Happy Halloween!

Image Credits: Bespoke Bride, BHG, Minted, Crafty Morning, Ravelry, BHG

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