How to Dress a Dining Table for Halloween

In today’s post on how to dress a dining table, I thought it would be fun to take a closer look at how we can add some dining decor inspiration for Halloween. It’s a great Autumn fun, particularly if you have children, but even if you don’t, why not embrace the event and host your very own Halloween dinner party. You could even suggest that your guests dress up for the occasion.

There are lots of ways we can bring Halloween decor into our homes and our dining rooms in particular and it doesn’t mean a trip to the supermarket for the latest plastic novelty items (although there’s nothing wrong with that!). But if you’re looking for something a little more classy then look no further. Today’s post will show you that you don’t have to embrace a full-on black and orange theme to create a dining table that shouts Halloween. You can still have a sophisticated and elegant dining table that the grown ups will love so here are some great ideas for giving your dining table that Halloween makeover it deserves.

 Halloween Colour:


This image shows us that Halloween decor isn’t all about black and orange pumpkins and spiders, it can be beautiful and classy too. The mini pumpkins and squash look gorgeous against the pink of the autumn leaves and roses, and contrast wonderfully when staged on an almost morrocan feeling table runner. The addition of tealights and glass vases make this a very grown up, stylish Halloween table. In fact, I would say this doesn’t have to be just about Halloween, and would work very well for an Autumnal celebration dinner.

Halloween Sophistication:

Halloween Sophistication

I just love the sophistication and glamour of this gorgeous Halloween dining table. Isn’t it beautiful? Adding the black mats and serviettes gives it that sinister Halloween feel, whilst the elegant tableware, cutlery and storm candles stop it from feeling tacky. Again this is very grown up and suitable for any kind of Halloween or Autumn celebration. Minus the pumpkins it would be a beautiful dining set for any Autumn or Winter dinner party gathering.

Spooky Halloween:


Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with embracing the Halloween spirit, so to speak and giving your dining table a traditional Halloween look. There are lots of touches from this image that you could use for yourself. It is elegant and sophisticated with lots of fun touches too. The spooky web-like table covering is a great starting point, the glove-wrapped cutlery is brilliant, and the fake crows at each setting give it a really eery feel. The simple black, white and gold colour scheme maintains the sophistication but the ghoulish centrepiece  leaves us in no doubt what we are about to sit down and celebrate. There are lots of elements in this look that you can craft and make yourself; all you need is a little imagination and creativity.

So what do we think to these Halloween inspired dining table settings? Would you create something like this to celebrate Halloween this year?

Jen x