What’s Out In 2018

With the year end closing in on us faster than you can say ‘A Tins of Quality Street’, we’ve see a lot of articles telling us what will be the biggest trends for our homes in the coming year. But what about those trends we’ll be leaving behind? Will we still go crazy for copper or be mad about marble?

Here are the trends that are starting to fall out of favour for our homes and what you should be looking to replace them with as 2018 begins in earnest.

Out: Letterboards

rose and grey letter board

Source: Rose & Grey

We saw the rise and fall of typographical art in 2015 and then it moved on to letterboards in 2016. Capturing a little of that coffee house vibe, it was a cute trend whilst it lasted but after seeing them on every kitchen and every office wall on Pinterest, it was time to move on.

neon signs 2018 interior design trend

Source: Come Down to the Woods

What should you consider replacing it with? We’re loving neon signs at the moment – they are uber cool, can be customised easily to say what you like. Plus? All the cool kids of Instagram are doing it! Katie of Come Down to the Woods is the perfect example above with her trendy living room design, all lit up in neon.

Out: White Marble

marble table with haute chocolate

Source: Haute Stock

While personally, I don’t think I can let this one go (having just replaced my dining table with a beautiful slab of Carrara), the look of white marble with that soft grey veining may be on the wane. When it becomes the backdrop of every Instagram #flatlay of 2017, it’s time to move on.

marble pinch pots

Source: Fable Interiors via Trouva

Of course, it’s a classic material so don’t panic too much if you’ve invested but if you are looking for smaller accessories, consider it’s darker and mysterious cousin, black or green marble instead. We love this stunning set of pinch pots from Fable Interiors, the perfect addition to update your table.

Out: Copper

urban outfitters copper accessories

Source: Urban Outfitters

While beautiful copper-bottomed pans or vintage copper will always be around, the cheaper copper-coloured accessories on every High Street has become the demise of this favourite warm metal. Alas, the proliferation on the market tends to drive its desirability down and we see it on the wrong side of that trend curve now.

Image: Gold Elements Trend Dining Room.jpg

Source: Domino / Photography by Douglas Elliman 

If you still love your warm metals, then consider replacing it with one of the biggest trends of 2018, brass and gold. The good news? Aside from a brief stint in the 90’s and 00’s when chrome was all the rage, it’s really never been out of fashion so we have high hopes this particular trend has staying power.

Out: Dark Wood Finishes

dark dining table set

Darkly stained wood may look great, but the truth is, most of us love a light and airy space. Dark furniture will dominate a room and may keep it looking quite visually heavy.

close up of canterbury range

Source: Oak Furniture Land Natural Oak Range

In its place has come more natural wood finishes, like our Natural Oak range of furniture, with the soft grain showing through and returning us back to nature. It’s something the Scandinavians have always done well so we know it can still manage to look cosy too!

Out: Painted Floorboards

white floorboards by kate la vie

Source: Kate La Vie

Speaking of Scandi style, while we all loved those warm wood finishes, natural textures and minimal design choices, what we found hard to live with were all white painted floors. Of course, they looked beautiful, but they were just impossible to maintain.

bella dressing table

Source: Oak Furniture Land Bella Brushed Oak and Painted Dressing Table

In their place, we look instead to classic English and French properties with their gorgeous natural herringbone parquet flooring. It’s not cheap but it sure does pack a punch in a space and as a classic style, it won’t be falling out of favour any time soon, making it a great investment.

Out: Subway Tiles with Dark Grout

white kitchen tiles

Source: Swoon Worthy

In our kitchens and bathrooms, subway tile with dark grout gave everyone that urban industrial style we loved a couple of years ago. Alas, every trend eventually suffers from over-saturation and when every coffee house on every high street has adapted the same look, we long to create something different in our own homes.

classic guildford dairy look

Source:  deVOL Kitchens

If you are looking for something a little warmer and a little more up-to-date, consider that 80’s throwback, terracotta (yes really!). It’s Mediterranean-inspired quality creates a rustic finish that’s sure to warm up any space, even in the coldest, greyest months.

What trends have you been loving this year and what are you happy to see the back of? We’d love to hear from you! Tweet us at @OFLoakfurniture or tag us on Instagram!