If you’re searching for dreamy photography to inspire your next interiors project, look no further than the work of interiors photographer, Lisa Northam, also known as @thelightshesees.

We chatted with Lisa to find out the inspiration behind some of her beautiful Oak Furnitureland shoots, tips for styling your home and how to create picture-perfect images.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Picture of interiors photographer Lisa Northam pictured with the Oak Furnitureland Burleigh range.

Burleigh 5-drawer chest | @thelightshesees

I developed a love for photography after some health issues a few years back and it quickly became a passion of mine. I’m a chartered public finance accountant four days per week and a freelance content creator and product photographer on the fifth day and any other available spare time. I find the creative side of it the perfect antidote to a very structured day job.

Where do you live and what’s your home like?

I live out in the Devon countryside in an old farmhouse with my husband, two children, a dog and a cat. Our only neighbour is the cows in the fields which surround us and we love the freedom and tranquillity that comes with this.

How would you describe your style?

My style is a blend of old and new, I love old buildings and the quirks and character which come with them but I also like modern comforts and conveniences so I love to add a modern twist.

Do you have any top tips for styling your home?

Burleigh weathered oak bedside table in a white and pink bedroom.

Burleigh bedside table | @thelightshesees

I like to bring a sense of calm to the rooms in our home, mixing textures and materials creates depth and contrast and can make a room feel more interesting without introducing clutter.

I’ve tried strong colours in decor over the years but I’m very much enjoying having a more neutral base now and being able to add pops of colour with accessories and change up the feel of a space quite easily. I also like to introduce items and textiles that will work in different rooms so they can be switched around to refresh the look of a room without having to buy lots of new things.

What’s your advice for taking good pictures?

Study the light. I’ve always been fascinated by watching how the light falls and how it moves and changes throughout the seasons. Rooms filled with light during the summer can be reduced to pockets of light during the darker seasons but for me, that’s where the magic happens. Also looking to frame a view, through doorways or mirrors can give you a completely different perspective.

Where do you find inspiration for your decor?

I have lots of interior coffee table books; I love drawing inspiration from those. But also looking at how brands style furniture pieces to show them off at their best. And of course Instagram and Pinterest.

Do you alter decor according to the seasons?

Parquet chest of drawers in a cream bedroom with a jug of pink flowers on top.

Parquet chest of drawers | @thelightshesees

I don’t alter decor that much, I like to choose a base colour scheme that will work throughout the year, however, I do like to bring a lot of fresh florals into my home, I love how the natural colours change throughout the season and of course, cosying up in autumn and winter with lots of candles and blankets.

How do you make a house feel like a home?

A home for me has to be full of the things you love, it’s never been about following trends. It’s taking time to build up a collection of timeless beautiful pieces over the years.

How have you styled your Oak Furnitureland pieces?

The Oak Furnitureland pieces I have, including the Parquet dining table, are statements in themselves so I love to use subtle styling to show them off, seasonal flowers, complementary tablewear or ornaments. I like to add a mix of textures to add to the feel but overall I like to keep it simple.

What was the inspiration behind the Burleigh shoot?

Oak Furnitureland weather oak Burleigh chest of drawers with matching mirror in a white and pink bedroom.

Burleigh 7-drawer chest | Burleigh mirror | Burleigh bedside table | @thelightshesees

The Burleigh range was designed in the style of a French chateau so I wanted to keep that chic neutral style throughout the shoot. The panelling in the bedroom complemented this perfectly and I kept most of the colour tones fairly similar just using the ranunculus to add a pop of colour.

How did it all come together?

I had recently shot a new cushion range for @tomlane.co and I knew straight away that they would complement the Burleigh range perfectly with some fresh white linen. I leaned into the seasons with the florals and the beautiful spring light coming into the bedroom and it all came together from there.

What drew you to this range?

We had recently changed the colour scheme in the bedroom from a moody dark teal and pink to a light and airy white and when I saw the neutral colour of the Burleigh and the detailing I knew it would be the perfect fit.

The deeper style drawers are perfect for storage, while extra touches, like the soft close drawers, elevate the feel of the range.

Are there any other Oak Furnitureland pieces you’ve got your eye on?

I’ve had my eye on the Malvern modular sofa for a little while, I love the idea and the versatility this would bring to the living room and it looks super comfy.

Thanks to Lisa for sharing her beautiful home and interior style tips. Head to lisajaynephotography.co.uk and @thelightshesees to discover more of her stunning photography. And don’t forget to browse the complete Burleigh and Parquet ranges to discover stylish furniture that’s made to last.