As the momentum of UK house moves gains steam once more, we chatted with esteemed property expert, Millie McClure, from Bristol independent estate agent, Boardwalk – known for its dedication to lifestyle-centric homes.

From essential move planning tips to the art of decluttering and savvy budgeting ideas like packing parties, discover real insights on how to anticipate early and be ready for the big move ahead.

Can you tell us a bit about your background in property?

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I’ve worked in property for about 10 years, and have been with Boardwalk for 6. Working as Director of Service, my role varies from day to day, with my time spanning across marketing, our customer journey, and in-house processes – you name it, I do it, and I love it!

How would you describe your own home and interior design style?

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I’m half Australian and so I’m a coastal girl through and through. I’ve designed and styled my home to make it a calm oasis. I’ve used quite a neutral colour palette, with some rustic, boho style touches. I love anything jute or rattan, and in my opinion you can never have too many houseplants or shells!

How often on average do people move in the UK?

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On average, people in the UK will move about 6 or 8 times, but it’s completely personal to you. I was a serial renter up until I purchased my own home, and so I’ve always got an eye on what’s coming to market.

How long before moving should you start packing?

It’s never too early to get the packing process started, but that doesn’t mean getting the boxes out if you don’t need to. If there’s one tip I have, it’s declutter! Moving house can be stressful and moving unwanted bits from house to house can be a pain! Once you have your exchange date confirmed, you’ll have a better idea of your completion date, so that’s always a good starting point to get the bags packed!

How can people make their house move easier?

It sounds obvious, but plan ahead! Ensure you’ve got the best people working in your interest. This is the biggest, most expensive thing you’ll buy or sell (most likely), so going cheap doesn’t necessarily always get you the best results. Do some research on the agent you chose to sell with, ask them if they recommend solicitors, do your homework and don’t rush when making a decision. Once you’ve got your exchange date, or even a rough date of when you’ll be completing, you’ll be able to start looking at booking removals, or a good agent should be able to recommend a firm to you.

What is the hardest room to pack?

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I’ve always found kitchens the worst room for packing. There’s usually a few bits of cutlery and crockery that needs to be left out so you can still eat, there’s always a breakage of some sort, no matter how well you wrap! Lofts are also a pain, who wants to sort through years worth of stuff?!

How to decide what to keep versus declutter before moving?

I think the best way of looking at something is, have I used it in the last year? If it’s a no, you probably don’t need it! Everyone has a few items that have sentimental value, or have meaning, but we’re all guilty of holding onto things that we ultimately don’t really need! Also, see if you can measure up your new space prior to the move so you know which pieces of furniture will fit and can go with you versus what can be passed on beforehand.

How to pack in a short amount of time?

Invite friends and/or family around to help and pay them with all the snacks and cocktails, a packing party is a must!

Top tips to make your moving day go smoothly?

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There will always be some hiccups on moving day, so it’s best to be prepared for it not to be plain sailing. Things you can do: confirm with your agents what time you can collect keys, check for parking on the road for vans, and bring plenty of water and maybe some food fuel, it can be a long day!

Who do you need to tell that you’re moving house?

You’ll need to inform banks, any insurance policies, bills, utility companies, as well as any subscriptions, and update your driving licence. I highly recommend putting a forward on your post for at least a few months as you’re bound to forget something during the move.

What is the average cost of a removal company? Any tips on how to keep the cost down?

You can make moving as expensive as you want, depending on what package you go for. If you choose to have someone pack up your entire house and move from property to property then you could be looking at the thousands. However, if you wanted to pack up yourself, you could only have to pay anywhere between £300 and £800 plus, depending on how much stuff you have. There are some great companies out there who just offer a packing service for certain rooms, ideal if there is anywhere you just couldn’t face doing yourself!

Which item or piece of furniture is most fundamental to unpack first?

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I think a bed or sofa is a must for the first thing to unpack, it means you have somewhere to snuggle up on at the end of a long day. Or maybe the champagne glasses to celebrate!

Which Oak Furnitureland products do you think would make any new property feel homely?

A sofa, sideboard, light and footstool-living room furniture-tan velvet sofa-brass floor lamp-fluted acacia sideboard-arch alcove shelving
Jude sofa | Jude armchair | Jude footstool | Oliver sideboard

I think the Jude sofa is a timeless piece that would go well in any room to bring plenty of comfort and style!

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