How to style your dining table at Christmas with My Inspired Haus

With the festive season looming, interior design enthusiast, Lynsey from My Inspired Haus, talks us through her Christmas dining room style.

Christmas dining table style

What inspired your colour palette?

My home definitely inspired my colour palette. I tried to echo the theme that I have running through the lounge, kitchen-dining area. I would say it’s quite rustic, with elements of monochrome and a splash of greenery. 

Which Oak Furnitureland pieces have you used to create this look?

I have the Mantis Light dining table and its accompanying grass woven chairs. I chose this set due to its solid, rustic appearance as I felt it fit in well with the theme I have running through my home.

The chairs are amazing with young children, they are easy to keep clean and they don’t mark like fabric chairs would. I have had this set for five years now. We sit at it daily to eat, craft and play and it still looks like it did the day we got it.

How did you pick this theme?

My table has evolved over the years. I have taken elements, which helps financially too, but I wanted to make more of a statement. I wanted to feel like we were at a full on dinner party, not just having ‘dinner’ at home and I think I nailed it. 

How early should you think about your dining room set up?

Christmas decor in shops seems to be available earlier and earlier each year. Last year I did succumb to the trap of putting up my decorations in November. Terrible I know. There was just too much temptation.  

I would say though, about a month before is a good time to get together some ideas of what you want your Christmas theme to be.  You then have plenty of time to research and purchase your decor while hopefully grabbing a bargain because you will have had more time to shop around. 

I also think that being organised in this way will mean that the panic and stress will be taken away and you will have more time to enjoy the fairy tale and magic of decorating for Christmas.

What are your favourite details?

The festive foliage is my favourite by far. I used fresh eucalyptus, the plain and seeded type and found that it was such an easy, yet effective way to add a striking centrepiece to the table.

Christmas dining table with Eucalyptus

The benefits of using fresh eucalyptus being that the room smells divine and it can be added back into a vase of water once the table has been set back for day to day life. Your room can still look and smell fabulous and it will last a good few weeks.

What are your top tips for creating a striking centrepiece?

Layering for me is a must. I think it can be tempting to throw on a tablecloth and candelabra, but adding a textured table runner, greenery, layers of crockery and different sizes of candles, really adds style to a table. 

Christmas centrepiece

Also I think that adding a seasonal glow to a table really brings a table to life. The options to create this today are endless. From using stand-alone candles in various shapes and sizes, tea lights to lanterns.

As a mum with young children, I think its great that you can now source quality battery run candles and wire lights meaning that safety doesn’t have to compromise the style!

What are your Christmas essentials for styling your dining table?

Christmas place setting ideas

  • Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Matching crockery and glassware sets adds a classic look to your table, but stacking contrasting crockery, odd glassware also looks stylish and effective.
  • I like to add some natural elements to the table, such as twigs, pine corns and dried fruit and think this can be done to suit any theme. I personally prefer the more natural look, but things can be sprayed and even rolled in glitter!
  • Place cards and napkins are a simple addition, yet a personal touch and make the setting feel more special. There are so many ways you can produce these, from rolling a napkin, adding a spring of greenery and tying with twine like I did, to taking Polaroids of your guests, writing names on baubles and the traditional cracker. Just have fun with it.

How will you be enjoying this space over the festive period?

I like to set up my dining table on Christmas Eve, it’s a no-go zone for the husband and children. I turn on some music, pour myself some wine and enjoy every minute of making my tablescape come to life. Oh and probably fill my phone’s photo album with an obscene amount of photographs.  

How do you decorate the rest of the room to complement your dining table?

My dining and kitchen area are combined, so I try to extend the theme of the table around the room, without adding too much fuss as the kitchen still needs to be functional. I like to add greenery with fairy lights around the top of the kitchen cupboards and I think that some simple Scandinavian hanging stars look really effective too.

What are your three favourite recipes that you love to make at Christmas?

I have to admit that I am not the chef in my house, I leave that to the husband.

I do love making and decorating gingerbread houses with the children. It was a tradition that started before we had the boys and was meant to be a laugh but we took it so seriously and even got family and friends involved to judge who should be crowned the winner. My husband, being the builder, wins on the houses being more structurally sound. However mine look fabulous, and that’s what matters right?!

To find out more about Lynsey’s Christmas preparations get inspired on Instagram, @MyInspiredHaus. It’s not too late to update your home in time for Christmas, explore our full collection now that can be delivered to your door before the big day.