How To Style an Instagram Worthy Home

With the rise of home Instagram accounts, and an abundance of beautiful interiors appearing on our feeds, we’ve enlisted the help of interior instagrammer, @mrs_roobottom_home, to share her top tips on how to create an Instagram worthy shot. Firstly we sit down with Samantha, of @mrs_roobottom_home to find out how it all began … 

How did this all begin?  

I have always been really interested in home décor and styling so when we moved into our “forever home” I decided to document the renovation journey through Instagram and @mrs_roobottom_home was born. 

What advice would you give anyone wanting to start a home Instagram account?

The most important advice I can give to anyone wanting to start a home account is to be true to yourself and only pick furniture, paint etc. for your home which you love – not because it’s popular. I made a few choices with décor pieces early on which looking back were not my style at all and so have since replaced them.

How would you describe your style?

 I would now describe my home style as modern classic. I love fresh neutrals paired with traditional oak for warmth.

matching white dining table and sideboard

Whether your style is ultra-modern, cosy cottage, industrial or classic there will be a following and appreciation for it.  Trust that in being yourself you will attract your true audience.

5 tips to easily get an Instagram worthy shot

1. Clean up

Behind every perfect Instagram photo is a pile of items hidden from view – whether it’s coats and shoes in the hallway, children’s toys in the living room, clothes in the bedroom, believe me, they are there.

2. Set the scene

I don’t change anything drastically in my rooms but I do like to fluff any cushions, light candles and then hoover before I take a photo

grey themed living room

3. Lighting

Lighting makes an Instagram photo. Time your photos to get the best from the natural light. I know what time of the day all my rooms look their best and so try to take a photo of them then. This can be difficult in the winter months so you could take a few over a weekend to share throughout the week.

4. Get to know your camera

I take all my photographs on my smartphone. I have the flash turned off as it makes the colour unnatural and although the auto mode is very good, if i am taking a close up photo I will tap the subject on the screen to ensure that the photo is properly focused. Recently, I have enjoyed using portrait mode (where you focus on an item and the background is blurred).

5. Editing apps

I don’t use any separate editing apps (believe it or not I’m not that tech-savvy) but others have recommended Snapseed, Photoshop Lightroom and VSCO. I just use the tools and filters in Instagram to enhance the light, sharpen the image and tone down any yellow with the gingham filter.

Top tips to create a more photogenic space

1. Mirrors

Mirrors can transform a space by reflecting light and giving the illusion of more space. They are also great wall accents and decor pieces. I have even used mirrored tiles in our upstairs landing to increase the light in a small space.

grey living room with large ornate mirror and grey sideboard

2. Layered lighting

I find that a lamp can really lift a dark corner and make a statement.

3. Soft Furnishings

No Instagram photo is complete without perfectly plumped cushions or a soft cosy throw. Cushions, throws and rugs are a great way to add colour into a neutral room without it being too permanent if you wanted to change it at a later date.

4. Books and Magazines

These can add height and colour to a photo or act as an anchor to candles, ornaments etc. For my bookcase, I painted some cheap hardbacks from a charity shop with some leftover emulsion and on my coffee table I have a couple of designer books.

light grey painted bookcase

5. Flowers

Flowers, real or faux can instantly add colour or define the current season. I love the start of spring where tulips pop all over my feed and peony season is Instagram heaven.

6. Candles and scents

I love the cosy vibe that candles bring to the home and any photographs.

7. Texture

Wicker baskets give an added texture to your room and are also handy for extra storage.

Finally, enjoy it! I have made many online friends since setting up my account and genuinely love interacting with all my followers. I have also picked up many tips and inspiration for my home – without Instagram I wouldn’t have heard of a wax melt, wouldn’t have so many (if any) ginger jars or have as many cushions.

To find out more about how Samantha is styling the rest of her home join her on Instagram @mrs_roobottom_home.