Our community loves interior design as much as we do and are always surprising us with their fresh takes on industry trends. We talk a fair bit about interior design trends here at Oak Furnitureland, but we wanted to help you demystify the term and give you plenty of tips for staying tuned into what’s hot in the world of home decor.

Oak Sideboard against pink living room

Romsey large sideboard (@herandhers_)

What is a ‘trend’ in interior design?

Trends are defining characteristics that influence the products that are available on the market as well as the shopping habits of vintage collectors – trends certainly control how we mix and match the old and new! Just like in fashion, interior design has seasons and, in each season, new emblematic features emerge, be they certain colours, materials, shapes, patterns or even ways of styling. Macro trends have a long-lasting influence, whereas micro trends tend to evolve quicker but not stick around for as long.

Oscar dining table with six chairs (@mervan_hygge)

As in most industries within the context of trends (this can include everything from technology, to travel, to books, to food), interior design is also driven largely by trend forecasting. These experts analyse a myriad of factors that influence consumer behaviour, including their spending habits, lifestyle changes and needs and desires. You may be surprised to find out that trends are usually predicted years in advance!

Discover more about investing in your home and what trends to look for here.

How do trends in interior design develop?

The key thing to note is that trends hardly ever appear spontaneously. So many facets of society, culture and social science affect what will be ‘in’ this season. They are an amalgamation of fashion, our changing needs, previous season’s trends, popular culture, current affairs, architecture, world events, economic patterns and so much more.
More than ever, social media is a huge source of information for what consumers like and dislike, so many trends have begun and ended here.

Dark office furnitureHighgate desk / Highgate display cabinet

How do you keep up to date with interior design trends?

1. Follow your favourite brands on social media

Like the style of a particular shop or website? Follow their social media profiles! The products and imagery are usually curated by buyers and influenced by interior design experts who stay abreast of the latest trends and developments so you don’t have to. That way, they’re always in your feed and inspiring you a little every day.
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2. Read interior design magazines

There are loads of publications both in print and online that are entirely dedicated t0 interior design. Much like fashion, decor publications plan months in advance so you’ll be getting insight into what trends will be hitting the shops in the not so distant future.
Have a look through some of our personal favourites: Elle Decoration, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Ideal Home, and so many more.

Industrial style bed and bedside table against a panelled wallBrooklyn double bed / Brooklyn bedside table

3. Browse Pinterest

Pinterest is an evergreen source of inspiration and is a major resource for interior design lovers around the world. Discover what’s trending here and save the images that you want to go back to. If you’re interested in finding out what topics are trending on Pinterest, they’ve created a handy hub, rounding up the popular trends from around the world.

4. Follow interior design influencers

One of the great things about social media is it connects you to people with homes just like yours. All the inspiration you need is within scrolling distance. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite home decor influencers – give them a follow and see how they’re making realistic, budget-friendly updates to their homes.

Oak console table with lots of plants

Original Rustic console table (@stylishhomesearch)

5. Get inspired by your area

City-dwelling style might not always be suitable for a country retreat, so let your locale inspire you. What architectural elements do you need to consider? How are your friends and neighbours styling their homes? You can even look to local shops and restaurants and incorporate their design elements into your private space.

6. Don’t rely solely on trends and trend forecasting

As interior design fiends, we all love to stay ahead of the curve, but it’s important that, while you may want to refresh your home every season, your core pieces are versatile. You want your furniture to stand the test of time, not only in quality and durability, but also in terms of taste. For example, you can invest in a timeless sofa and update the pillows, throws and other soft furnishings to constantly update its look without being wasteful or breaking the bank.

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