How To: Make Your Living Room A Sociable Space

With the festive season around the corner, you may be looking forward to entertaining family and friends in your own home. And while it’s always a lovely thing to look forward to, if you are nervous about whether or not your living room is going to be the perfect spot for entertaining in comfort and style, then this post will hopefully help you out in the run up to the busiest time of year.

There are a few things you can do to prepare your space to make sure it’s as welcoming and sociable as possible. No, you don’t need to fully redecorate but incorporating a few ideas beforehand may make it easier than ever to be able to relax along with your guests rather than worried about how it will all work out!

Make sure you have enough seating


I once read that you should have as much seating in your living room as you can comfortably fit around your dining table. While this is generally a good rule of thumb for sit down meals, it may be a bit trickier if you’re planning to host a larger number of people for simple cocktails or a sing along session of your favourite carols. Get creative with multi-purpose furniture that can easily be converted to seating in a pinch. Things like ottomans or poufs can be used for storage, a place to rest your feet or a small place to sit in a group setting. You can also consider some simple benches which will create additional seating during your gathering without taking up a lot of additional room.

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Don’t make the TV the main focal point


To keep your living room from looking like a shrine to the big black box, avoid pointing every piece of seating in its direction. Create cosy conversation areas by facing furniture towards each other in a space or having a few seats that ‘float’ in the room rather than everything set back against a wall.

Include side tables or somewhere to set a drink


In your one hand, a glass of bubbly, in the other, a tiny napkin upon which a canape is perched. You meet someone new, go to shake their hand and realise you don’t have a free hand which to do so. Whether you are standing or sitting in someone’s home, there are always times you may need to set something down. So if you are serving snacks – from delicate canapes or finger sandwiches to a Rose’s tin, having somewhere guests can free their hands is a great idea. Ensure your room doesn’t lack surface space by incorporating a coffee table, smaller side tables or accent tables where you are able and don’t forget the coasters! You don’t want to end a great party with water rings on your lovely wood furniture!

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Create an ambiance with lighting


No one wants to feel like they are under interrogation in a social situation. If you have one main light in a room, put it on a dimmer switch and set it to low to create a cosy atmosphere. Even better, switch off “the big light” completely and use a few smaller table lamps or wall lights to create small pockets of light to add to the ambiance. You can also get creative with candles in votives or fairy lights along surfaces or in front of mirrors to double their twinkly effect. Warm, soft light is both relaxing as well as flattering so make like a fancy restaurant and turn it down!

Warm up the space with textiles


Winter is the perfect excuse to add some touches of warmth into your space so adding textural accents will go a long way in creating a cosy vibe. Incorporate tactile fabrics into your decor like velvet or chenille, knitted fabrics, wool and faux fur to bring in that touch-me quality and make guests feel more relaxed and comfy on your sofa and chairs.

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Decorate with conversation starters


Finally, be sure to encourage conversation by leaving out a few things that might spark a conversation. Whether it’s things picked up on your travels, family photos or a few coffee table books that show off your hobbies and interests, these items bring warmth and personality into a space and truly make it a home.

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How will you be preparing for guests for the upcoming season? We’d love to see! Send us your pics on Twitter,Instagram and Facebook. We’ll be sure to feature our favourites!

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