The best way to get into the seasonal spirit is by adding a festive touch to your home (preferably with Michael Bublé’s album playing softly in the background, of course), and often the first thing we’ll consider is that all-important Christmas tree!

We often spend a lot of time deliberating on how to decorate the tree, but how long do you spend thinking about what kind of tree to buy? During Christmas, the tree is often the centrepiece of your home so you’ll want something durable and something that will withstand any tiny hands or paws.

Whether you’re dreaming of a beautiful bright green Norway spruce, or want to feel festive under a Fraser fir, our Christmas tree buying guide will help you decide what type of tree you’ll be rockin’ around this year.

christmas tree with painted kemble range

Should I buy a real or fake Christmas tree?

The first decision to make when it comes to the tree is deciding whether you want a real or fake tree.

If you’re looking for a mess-free, pet and child-friendly solution, then an artificial tree is the best option for you. Although more expensive than the real thing, it’s one that’ll last you for years to come. Read on below for more advice.

If, however, your family are more cautious and the fresh pine scent is a signature sign of Christmas for you, then you’ll probably prefer a real tree!

Types of Christmas tree

Which Christmas tree is the best?

  • If you’re an early bird that catches the worm and you tend to get into the Christmas spirit earlier than your friends or work colleagues. The Nordmann fir is the perfect choice. It has low needle-dropping properties, soft foliage, a traditional triangle shape and strong branches – perfect for hanging heavy decorations,
  • Struggling to find space for a tree in your home? The Fraser fir trees narrower shape means you’ll have enough floor space for gifts in a smaller home! With a long needle retention too, you’ll get the classic Christmas tree fragrance in your home for longer.
  • Live for the luxurious look? The noble fir will fit seamlessly into your home. A more spread out foliage means more space to show off your decorations. If this tree takes your fancy, you better snap one up quickly – they’re not sold in as high volume as the others.
  • If you’re a firm believer in no more than the 12 days of Christmas, the Norway Spruce will be right up your street. Though it doesn’t last the longest, it has a rich, signature scent, emerald green foliage and the perfect pyramid shape.

christmas tree beside armchair and lamp

Which artificial Christmas tree is the best?

  • Looking for the most authentic artificial tree? PE (Poly Ethylene) trees are the most realistic looking, made from moulds of real branches for a faithful feel.
  • As the most affordable option, PVC trees are ideal if you’re having your first Christmas in your new home.
  • For a fuss-free tree, pre-lit trees are perfect. There’s no tidying or detangling of fairy lights. Once it’s plugged in, you’re good to go!

Still dreaming of a white Christmas? If you want to see soft snow this year falling on your tree, opt for a flocked fake with a snowy appearance.

When should I buy my Christmas tree?

With the right care, your typical Christmas tree can last up to four or five weeks. An exception to this is the Norway Spruce.  It tends to wilt much sooner, so should be bought closer to Christmas Day.

Of course, if your tree is fake then there’s no ticking time-bomb but we’d strongly advise not leaving it to the last minute to keep your Christmas stress-free,

How much should a Christmas tree cost?

Are you looking for a tall, towering tree to reach your high ceilings or a dainty thin one to fit in your flat? The style and height of the tree you want will often determine the price you will pay. Check out Good Housekeeping’s guide to the best fake Christmas trees and their guide to real Christmas trees to give you an idea of prices.

Where to buy your Christmas tree?

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes buying a tree. As soon as December hits, on every corner, there’ll be a big retailer, forestry, garden centre or a tree farm at arms reach!

To find the nearest ones to you, check your local press listings. And if you’re struggling to find the time to hunt down your dream tree, you can buy one online or peruse your local Facebook groups and get some trusted recommendations.

How to spot a good Christmas tree?

There are a few tests you can do before you bite the bullet and buy your tree.

  1. Look out for brown needles. If there’s more than just a few, your tree won’t last very long!
  2. Run your hands through the foliage. There should be very little to no needles falling.
  3. Try lifting up the tree or giving it a strong shake. If fresh needles are falling off, this is a tree to avoid.

How do I make my Christmas tree last?

Just like any other houseplant, your Christmas tree is a living thing so needs to be taken care of. There’s much more than just keeping it watered to make it last. Check out PureWow’s guide on how to make your Christmas tree last longer.

There you have it. Our top tips for picking the perfect Christmas tree. Which will you go for? Show us yours on Instagram using #Oakfurnitureland.