Tile Trend Predictions for 2019

As we move into the latter half of 2018, the question that is on every interior-lover’s mouth is: “What are the interior design trends for 2019?”

So, luckily for you, we’ve chatted with Louisa-Charlotte Swannell from Walls and Floors on their trend focus and what she believes will be making waves in 2019. Read on for Louisa’s interior design predictions!

Interior design trends for 2019

At Walls and Floors, we continue to develop our in-house trend collections to highlight the latest shifts within the interior design and lifestyle industry. We take our trend focus very seriously, gathering inspiration from the leading design shows across the globe and have now identified crucial visions that will form an emotional connection to influence what products our customers should choose in 2019 – here’s a sneak preview…

Clean Living

Walls and Floors Clean Living Trend

As the gap tightens between clean eating, fitness and mental stimulation within the home; interior spaces are designed to embody a deep sense of wellbeing, promoting a good mood and healthy lifestyle. These spaces use elements of nature to create an atmosphere that evokes satisfaction and encourages revitalisation.

Bright spaces that amplify natural daylight can also boost happiness and increase our productivity, which is particularly noticeable in bathroom and bedroom interiors where we often gather our daily mindset each morning. Whitewash woods and delicate marble variants are combined with sensorial reflections to generate a fresh canvas welcoming intimate natural accents.


Walls and Floors Clean Cocooning

The craving to switch off from the outside world has never been so strong! As we craft our homes with the retreat lifestyle in mind, a presence of darker shades is taking over. Matte black, teak stained woods, dark marbles and deep bronze tones aim to encourage a sense of cocooning to intensify home-based behaviour within a cosy sanctuary.

When these deeper hues are paired alongside iridescent pigments, mystical elements such as crystals and sleek, angular lines, the overall effect enhances an ‘otherworldly’ feel, keeping the stresses of daily life at bay.


Walls and Floors Clean Maximalism

Being unique and expressing individuality is one of the most celebrated terminologies across the globe right now and this is filtering right through to our home interiors! There are no rules to theatrical opulence, it’s all about pleasure. The use of pattern and bright colour accents may seem like a daring combination, but you can give a nod to this dramatic style without being overwhelming to create fashionable and sophisticated statements.

Walls and Floors Clean Maximalism

More interior spaces than ever before are using a multitude of characterful pieces to generate bespoke interiors. We endeavour to grow our bold collections to capture the imagination of our consumers and encourage the unique, eclectic style that we love – a striking pattern tile paired with bright colour and metallic accents is always a win for me.

2019 Colour Prediction – Neo Mint

During the next 12 months this uber cool hue will take over our interiors with its fresh, optimistic mood – it’s definitely the colour to prep for. As traditional warmer neutrals such as beige begin to decline, this innovative ‘new neutral’ is ideal for living spaces; the soothing mint hue injects soft colour, producing a touch of sophistication within even the busiest family hub. Its crisp, oxygenating tone provides a seamless connection between the gentle, whimsical elements of nature and the fast-moving, contemporary world we live in – an understated colour not to be missed.

Walls and Floors Neo Mint

About Louisa-Charlotte Swannell

Louisa is the Head of Creative Design at Walls and Floors. As well as the huge range of tiles that are on offer, Louisa’s wealth of knowledge in all things interior and style will make Walls and Floors your one-stop-shop for your next home update.  

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