The best (and classiest) Halloween Pumpkins

It’s October, it’s Autumn and it’s pumpkin time! Pumpkin soup, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins…and of course Halloween at the end of the month! Whether you “celebrate” Halloween or lock your doors and turn off the lights, the part of decorating and crafting a little for this time of the year is something that surely can’t fail to bring a smile to anybody’s face? If you have children, you’ll most probably be familiar with the whole pumpkin carving thing and trying to create scary faces with a knife. However, there are other ways to create some seasonal touches without having to deal with the whole carving mess. So, here are some ‘grown up’ examples of Halloween pumpkins.


Painting the pumpkins is key to most ideas here. I like to use acrylic paints as they dry quickly and give a lovely matt finish, but if you prefer a glossy finish you might want to try to give them a coat of spray-on varnish after painting them. Having just a few small pumpkins painted in different colours and with the stalks painted gold will look elegant and pretty. Adding some studs will give your pumpkins a slightly edgy look and a fashionable touch.


Gold Studded

If you’re looking for something prettier, how about drawing some lace patterns on them? Drawn on with a white pen, it provides a gorgeous contrast to the bright orange of the pumpkin. It will require a little more patience than just painting them one colour, but that’s what long Autumn evenings are perfect for, don’t you think?


Of course you can always combine the painting and the drawing, especially if you (like me) prefer a muted colour palette. Here the grey and white painted pumpkins have been decorated with a very intricate lace pattern in white. It does look pretty amazing, but I do admit that this one is for the very dedicated person with more than just a couple of spare hours on their hands.

Monochrome Lace

If time is a little tighter, how about a slightly easier idea which will (I believe) please adults as well as children? Here the large pumpkins have been painted completely black and the classic Halloween message has been written on it in large letters. This is a suitable solution for a Halloween party or if you’d like to let children know that they are in fact welcome to knock on your door.

Trick or Treat

How about a little touch of gold? This really is simple, easy and quick to do. All you need are some white mini pumpkins and a gold marker. Draw out some geometric shapes, fill them with the gold pen and you’re done. These would definitely look lovely as a decorative touch on a dinner table.

Gold Pattern

And just in case I can’t convince you to completely give up on carving, then you might want to consider the following two which are a little different to the usual scary face carvings. One inspired by the Mexican Dia de los Muertos (the day of the dead) and one carved like an owl which I think you will agree looks pretty amazing.





So, I hope I have inspired you to start decorating some pumpkins. After all, even if you don’t intend to make a big deal of Halloween, being creative and having some fun with decorations doesn’t really need a reason, right?

Carole x