It’s October, it’s autumn, and it’s pumpkin time. Whether you like your pumpkins in soup, pies, muffins, or just as a decoration, there’s no escaping them as Halloween approaches. We all know that carving pumpkins can be messy business, so if you don’t want to get your hands dirty, here are some fun ways that paint can give them an extra Halloween twist.

Black magic

July Prokopiv |

Make an impact with your pumpkins this year and combine painted black designs with rose gold for the classiest display.

Purple haze


Go against tradition and paint your pumpkins a bright colour to add a bit of playful fun. We love the idea of teaming purple and white. A black Sharpie is the easiest way to transform the pumpkins with Halloween doodles once the paint has dried.

Go neutral

Stephanie Frey |

If you’re more of a fan of classic, understated decor, even when it comes to Halloween, then you’ll love the idea of painting munchkins (mini pumpkins) a creamy off-white shade. They look simply chic when used a dinner party decor. And if you don’t want to dig out the paints, you can often find white munchkins sold at farmers’ markets.

Ghoulish designs

UnsplashDrew Hayes

If you are blessed with creative talent then try adding a more intricate design to your painted pumpkin. We love the idea of recreating a Mexican sugar skull. Paints at the ready!

Lead image: Unsplash | @jontyson