Pale wood tones have been making waves in interior design for some time. Gone are the days of heavy dark colours and in their place are lighter, paler woods that create an airy, breezy and bigger space.

Light wood floors, however, can be challenging to decorate too. While you may be going for pale and interesting, you may run the risk of a room looking bland or uninspired. Today’s tips will help you to create the best look for your light wood flooring no matter what your style.

Adding Warmth to Light Wood Floors

Because lighter floors reflect more light, your resulting interior could mean a room that looks visually colder. Darker colours have a tendency to add a cosy vibe to a space, but you can still have a warm, inviting aesthetic with light wood floors too.

Choose plenty of texture for your space – a cosy deep pile rug, knitted throws or velvet cushions will all create a feeling of warmth without having to reach for darker shades. Layer different textures on your sofa or bed for the most inviting space.

Adding Colour to Light Wood Floors

Thankfully, lighter colour wood floors are incredibly versatile and work with nearly any colour you may choose. Pay attention to the undertones of your wood floors, however, to make the final look cohesive.

If you have cooler tones in your light floors (these are ones that veer more towards blue or bluey-grey), be sure to use other colours in the room that also have similar undertones. If your floors have a warmer undertone (those that veer more towards red or orange), choose complimentary warmer colours for your accents.

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Creating Contrast with Light Wood Floors

One of the easiest ways to create drama or wow-factor in a room is to use plenty of contrasts in both colour as well as material. So, for lighter wood floors, why not combine it with some darker pieces or wall colours to give the flooring a chance to shine?

In my own living room seen above, darker walls give the room depth and add drama, creating a perfect contrast to lighter wood floors.

Adding Tonal Accents to Light Wood Floors

Of course, if you want to maintain that light and airy feeling in your space, then white or painted furniture is always a great look with paler wood floors. In the warmer months, consider removing rugs to give the space a cool and easy feel.

Layer pale pastels in tonal shades if you want to add a touch of colour without overwhelming the senses and be sure to use pieces that create texture like detailed ceramics or even plants and flowers which will add organic interest to your space.

Combining Pattern with Light Wood Floors

If you want to add additional interest to a room, light wood floors work well with patterned fabrics as well. For a pale and interesting vibe, a pattern will give your space an eye-catching focal point but keep patterns soft and light. Floral patterns in breezy pale colours are perfect for a country cottage look as seen above.

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