How to Create a Cosy Living Room

With the days shorter and the nights longer and cooler temperatures that are only set to drop as the weeks progress, it’s time to start preparing your living room for the inevitable autumn and winter chill. Creating a cosy living room is more than just adding a fluffy throw (although this certainly helps), it’s about setting the right mood to settle down and snuggle in.

Here are our tips for making the most of the cosiest time of year!

Consider the Feel First

plants and greenery in living room

Any time an interior designer tackles a project, one of the first questions they’ll ask their client is “what do you want the room to feel like?” This question then becomes the backbone to every further decision made in the space. If you want your living room to feel cosy, then you have to think about what you can bring in that contributes to this feeling.

Are you looking for a cosy cave-like feel? Or just one where the colours and accents create a visual warmth? What materials contribute to the cosy feel? How does the light affect the space? All of these questions will contribute to the final result.

Layer Your Lighting

french farmhouse living room

This is probably one that many may overlook. Whacking a great big light in the centre of the room and call it done may be easy but you’ll be missing an important step in the final feel of the space. In a living room, you’ll want multiple light sources especially as the sun sets earlier and, so you’ll come to rely on artificial light in the space.

Visual warmth will be created with warmer lightbulbs, so you’ll want to skip out on those bright blue-ish LEDs here which will cast a much cooler look on the space. Use dimmer switches on your main lighting but layer your other lighting as well.

A few lamps on your side tables or a floor lamp next to a cosy reading chair will create cosy pools of light in the space. Candles will also be perfect for this time of year (even battery-operated LED candles can look great if you have small children or pets). String a set of fairy lights around a mirror for a magic glow that works at any time of year or better yet – light the log fire for the perfect ambient glow!

Add Texture

original rustic living room

One of the most important aspects of creating a cosy feeling in your living room will be the textures you add to the space. Fabrics that beg to be touched like faux fur, sheepskin, velvet, suede or wool are all perfect for this time of year so consider these for your soft textiles.

If you normally have bare wood floors in your living room or have a low-pile rug, then consider something you’ll want to sink your feet into instead. Deep pile rugs are a great choice – just make sure you choose one big enough so that the front feet of all your furniture sit on top to contribute to that cosy feeling.

Bring in Warmth with Scent

candles on top of mantel

Credit: Swoon Worthy

This is another aspect that’s often overlooked when we consider the design of our spaces but really tapping into all our senses is a perfect way to create a feeling of cosiness in a room.

Happily, there are plenty of candles for every budget on the market but look for scents that evoke a feeling of warmth. Cinnamon, pine, ginger, pumpkin, amber, bergamot, woody scents, spicy aromas – any will work just fine to create a cosy environment.

Make the Most of Autumn’s Colours

canterbury living room

Finally, consider the colours of the season. Olive and forest green, rust, deep berry, red, mustard and ochre along with tans, creams and beiges will all be perfect additions to creating a cosy space. They are the ‘warm’ side of the spectrum for good reason, giving us a visual clue which contributes to that feeling of physical warmth.

Think too of adding some warmer metallic finishes to your décor – brass and gold are a huge trend and reflect soft light beautifully around a room in winter.

How will you be decorating for Autumn and Winter? We’d love to see how you’ve added warmth to your living room! Tweet us at @OFLoakfurniture or tag us on Instagram!