We love getting into the Christmas spirit and this year we created two beautiful seasonal looks to inspire you in your own homes. We went behind the scenes to chat to stylist Pip Silvers to find out what goes into styling an interiors photoshoot.

Can you tell us about your interiors experience?

I’ve been a photographic stylist for over 13 years. I style everything from luxury products to food, fashion and interiors, both in the UK and abroad. Oak Furnitureland approached me a year ago and since then I’ve been designing sets and developing their looks on studio shoots and on location. I’ve been working alongside their photographers and creative team to develop and evolve the overall look and feel of the brand.

What was the inspiration behind the two different looks you created for our Christmas shoot?

Cream corner sofa with a dog sitting on surround by a Christmas tree, presents and decorations.

Bridgeport chaise sofa | Detroit nest of tables | Detroit sideboard | Detroit bookcase

The creative team highlighted two trends, Merry and Bright and Botanical Accents, they wanted me to focus on for the Christmas looks. I took these briefs and translated them through props and decorative objects to highlight the two different trends anchored with Oak Furnitureland cabinetry and accessories.

With Merry and Bright, I took bright and bold wrapping paper to make a real statement under the tree. I used kitsch-style decorations and props to create interesting silhouettes that catch your eye throughout the seasonal scene.

Dorset natural oak dining table set for Christmas with a twinkling tree in the background.

Dorset dining table | Marlene dining chairs | St. Ives larder | St. Ives sideboard

Botanical Accents was a natural classic. I opted for warm soft lighting and incorporated Christmas foliage and long wreaths to give a sense of luxury. This look is very comforting and traditional. I wanted to make sure that this shot captured the essence of Christmas Day and evoked the sense of gathering round the table and enjoying making memories with family and friends.

How important do you think seasonal trends are when it comes to styling?

It is important as a stylist to push those trends by translating them into shoots, but it is just as important for the customer to take your furniture and accessories and make it into their own.
No one will ever style the same, there is no wrong or right, it is just translating it into your own look.

Which pieces did you most enjoy styling?

Dorset dining table | Marlene chairs

I enjoyed styling the Dorset extendable dining table as it gave a real sense of what it is like on Christmas Day. Delicious food that has been eaten, presents on the table, opened crackers and Christmas lights twinkling in the background. I also loved styling around the tree and the Detroit round tables. This all came together very well and with the bold wrapping paper standing out beautifully.

What’s the easiest way to create a stylish look at Christmas?

Lots and lots of real and natural foliage. Add colour if you want to be bold but there is nothing more inviting and luxurious then the smell of fresh fir and eucalyptus!

How long does it take to style a shoot?

Grey painted sideboard styled for Christmas with a large star and foliage and a Christmas tree in the background.

St. Ives sideboard

It depends what you want. If two big scene setters like this shoot, a day, but you have to have a lot prepped to save time where you can.

What are your tips for approaching styling projects?

Prep, prep, prep! Get your brief, read it again and again. Order your props in advance. Be organised and always have a toolbox on set.

What are your top tricks for making a room look good in photographs?

Making sure you have statement pieces to draw your eye into a shot. Sometimes it’s best not to ‘over style it’ and keep it so there is space for items to breathe in a shot. Plus, a good photographer will always have good lighting!

Thanks to Pip for sharing her insight into what goes into creating an interiors shoot. Follow @pip_silvers_stylist for more styling tips and don’t miss our Instagram @oak_furniture_land where you’ll find real home inspiration, new products and more. Head to Oakfurnitureland.co.uk to find out more.

Images: © Simon Moss Photography | Styling: © Pip Silvers