We don’t all start with the kind of blank canvas (or funds!) that means you have the freedom to design a room from scratch. Often, it’s a case of adding pieces around the home as and when you can afford it or when your needs change. Maybe there’s a new member of the family to think about or a new job. You might be moving in with a partner and need to combine your tastes or perhaps your children have left home and you suddenly find yourself with some extra space.

It can be tricky knowing how to choose new furniture to blend with your existing interiors without having to overhaul everything but we’re here to help. Let your imagination run free and explore these looks where we pull together different ranges to suit different styles. 

How to style painted furniture

St. Ives collection

Explore our St Ives collection

When it comes to talking about ways to mix and match old and new furniture pieces, our St. Ives collection seems like the perfect place to start. A style chameleon, it’s one of our favourites, blending brilliantly with a range of decors. Whether the backdrop is urban and contemporary or more traditional, the light grey finish and metal cup handles contrast beautifully with the natural, rustic oak top.

Highgate collection

Explore our Highgate collection

Defined by a saturated shade of blue, the painted hardwood in our Highgate range gives an on-trend twist to the more traditional style of the cabinetry. The design features grooved pillars which flank each piece to give it a solid look and feel.

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How to style oak furniture

Parquet collection

Explore our Parquet collection

Statement carpentry takes centre stage with our Parquet range. The front-facing panels on the drawers and doors of each design are constructed by piecing together wood blocks to create a geometric mosaic effect. Distinctive, decorative and stylish, the design draws on traditional skills to create a pattern that shows off the variations in the solid oak grain.

Romsey collection

Explore our Romsey collection

Creating a neutral backdrop that blends easily with changing lifestyles and needs, our Romsey range is streamline, stylish and functional. Made from solid natural oak, the collection’s mid-century design includes sleek recessed handles, rounded corners and flat-fronted drawers and doors which lend pieces timeless appeal.

Original Rustic collection

Explore our Original Rustic collection

Finished in a subtle tinted wax to give it rich honey tones, our Original Rustic collection remains ever popular. Its homely character comes from the cabinetry’s softly rounded corners, chamfered edges and bronze-tinted drop-bar handles.

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