Homemade Christmas Decorations

If you’re looking for ideas for original Christmas decorations, we’ve tracked some down for you. The kind of thing where you’d say “That is such a good idea!”, “Why didn’t I think of that?”, and “Cute overload!’. Also, there are some excellent ways of keeping younger ones occupied.

Here are some simple silver foil leaves, cut from washed disposable flan tins or some tin foil. Draw the leaf shape you’d like on paper – we’ve chosen oak leaves for obvious reasons. Then use a pencil to trace the outline onto the foil. Carefully cut out the leaf shape and make a hole at the top for some silver hanging thread. You can score and bend the silver leaves to match the vein patterns found in real ones. Did you know that veins help leaves bend to face the light? You can certainly see the different planes of light and shadow on the silver ones.

Christmas - Foil leaf creation
Christmas - Foil leaf

Here’s a fantastic Christmas card or label design, making a collage from patterned paper. You could use origami paper, or Christmas wrapping paper. Our cards have coloured themes, and the Christmas tree design is topped off with a star sticker.

Cut different sized triangles from the paper you’ve collected for the project. You can mix up different patterns, or make trees with solid blocks of colour for a different look. Make the proportions wider and shorter for the larger, lower ‘branches’, and make the smaller, top shapes more equal.

Take a piece white card – A4 size for Christmas cards –and fold it in half. Arrange the paper triangles into a tree shape on the front. Once you’re happy with your design, use paper glue or spray mount to fix them onto the card. Don’t forget to cut out a tree base shape for the bottom.

Christmas - Christmas cards

Now here’s definitely one for the younger children. Clear the table, cover with newspaper and gather your lolly sticks, cotton wool, googly eyes and festive-coloured paint. Distribute the glue between children, and let ‘em go. Find instructions for snowman, Santa and tree at this site.

Christmas - Popsicle stick Christmas ornaments

Source: The best ideas for kids

These glittery yarn balls are great, and well worth getting sticky fingers for. Contained crafting mess is okay – and there is advice here on keeping it contained. You’ll end up with these sparkly ornaments to hang from the tree or Christmas wreath. It seems a good way to get some Christmas glitter going.

Christmas - Glitter ball yarn ornaments

Source: One little project

Drying thin slices of citrus fruit is a very simple way of adding colour to wreaths and garlands. Or you may just like a fruity theme. Wash, slice, and dry is the simple instruction, but here are some more tips from an experienced citrus slicer.

Christmas - Orange slices

Source: Salt in my coffee

For the final idea in our selection, the pine cone makes a reappearance. With the addition of brightly coloured, tiny pom-poms and a hanging thread, here’s an alternative to glitter and paint for the humble pine cone.

Christmas - Pom poms and pine cones
Source: One little project

So which DIY decoration are you going to tackle this year? Our picks are all pretty simple, and vary in the amount of glitter and glue fallout. Whichever you decide to make, your home will get a bit of extra Christmas cosiness. And a final thought: if you don’t have one already, maybe ask Santa for a glue gun and glue for Christmas.

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