Creative DIY Christmas Gifts

Our ongoing quest for Christmas presents that you can make at home has brought up another batch of winners. Read on for DIY presents with a touch of sophistication – less children’s craft, more artisan – for grown up, homemade fun.

Pine scented candles

Creative DIY Christmas Gifts

Source: Sugar and Charm

These pine scented candles are simple to make, and Weck, Mason or Kilner jars always look attractive. Colour the stripes to fit with your other decorations, or keep them green to link with the pine scent.

Flower infused milk soap

Creative DIY Christmas Gifts

Source: Reformation Acres

These milk soap bars involve some curing time at the end, but will make lovely gifts at other times. Follow the instructions carefully, and marvel at the chemical reaction that turns oils, fats and lye into beautiful fragrant soap.

Homemade bath salts

Creative DIY Christmas Gifts

Source: Lemons, lavender and laundry

Another stripy gift, this time in the shape of bath salts. There are some suggestions for different oils you may like to use, including lavender and peppermint. I can smell the lovely steamy bathroom right now…

DIY plant gifts

Creative DIY Christmas Gifts

Source: DIY Christmas Plant Gift Projects

This blog has some links to lovely ideas for making gifts with plants. We’re all looking forward to seeing green shoots of spring, and having some indoor bulbs on the go is a great way of getting some natural colour into your home.

Coffee spoons

Creative DIY Christmas Gifts

Source: Tatyana’s everyday food

These chocolate-covered teaspoons look really attractive. The coffee part comes in by flavouring the melted chocolate with some instant coffee. A really great idea for evening hot chocolate, and wrap with cellophane and ribbon to make into a gift.