9 Ways To Cosy Up Your Living Space

The days are short and the weather is cold. It’s definitely the time of year when we spend more time indoors and expect our homes to provide the cosy sanctuary we really need. But what changes can you make to your living space to ensure it feels warm and inviting, to ensure its the kind of space in which you feel comfortable and relaxed. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, just a few updates here and there, and you can create a home haven all the family can enjoy.

#1 Create the Right Layout

The way you layout your furniture has a big impact on how cosy the room will feel. Arrange your sofas and chairs opposite each other or in a U shape to encourage a feeling of togetherness. Centre the space with a coffee table, and face the main seating near the fireplace.

#2 Decorate your Walls

Don’t leave your walls bare. Hang pictures, wall art, wall hangings or anything to bring the room together and give you a sense of belonging to the space. It’s one of the easiest ways to add colour too so don’t dismiss this idea and give it a go.

#3 Add Soft Furnishings

Throws and cushions might seem like add-ons but they’re an essential part of a scheme when you’re trying to cosy up your living space. Make sure you have a little pile of blankets and some soft furry cushions for those really chilly evenings watching movies in front of the fire.

#4 Change the Mood

Lighting has a huge effect on the mood of a room, so use this your advantage when you’re making your space more cosy.

#5 Keep it Fresh

Fresh colours, in particular greens from plants can add an extra dimension to the room and, in fact add to the cosiness. Add faux plants if you’re concerned about keeping them alive at this time of year.

#6 Choose the Right Colour Scheme

If you feel like refreshing your living space this new year give it a new colour scheme. Warm neutrals and greys are great for making it feel inviting, whilst adding in some deep, rich blue or green is very on trend and perfect for giving a space an impact.

#7 Layer Up

Use both colours and texture in layers, either on walls, on the sofa and chairs or even on the floor. Mixing up your textures like felt, velvet and faux fur is a great way to add lots of warmth and comfort for the times when you’re needing it.

#8 Creative Displays

Arrange your accessories and decorative pieces imaginatively, grouping in sets of odd numbers. So arrange a varying group of vases for example in a set of 3, adding in some green stems for height. It will make the room feel more lived in, and give you a sense of creativity in the room too.

#9 Decorate the Floor

Don’t forget the floor when you’re making your home feel more cosy this winter. Adding in a rug or two is the perfect way to add the finishing touch in any room to be honest, but definitely in one you’re trying to make more comfortable. It doesn’t have to be furry, it could be just a cotton or jute rug, but adding another layer of texture on the floor will really help the room feel complete.

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Image credit: Ideal Home || Swedish Wooden Horse || H&M Home || House To Home || Dunelm