6 Ways to Decorate Your Staircase for Christmas

I’ve always wanted an open staircase to decorate at Christmas. Preferably, a huge winding one like in the films, fully decorated with green garlands and flowers and fairy lights, where the woman walks down like a majestic swan to the gasps of all her guests waiting below. Okay, so my dream is probably always going to remain just that but it doesn’t mean you can’t get a taster of the beauty of a Christmas staircase in your own home.

If you are looking for ways to spruce up (pun totally intended) your staircase this season, then there are plenty of creative ways to do it. I’ve chosen 7 different examples in my post today that will hopefully inspire you to give your staircase a little love this Christmas, gasping guests optional.

Eucalyptus and Bows

For a contemporary twist on traditional Christmas decor, include eucalyptus branches with your greenery and tie with ribbons, leaving the ends long and flowing. Not only will the effect be one of sophistication, it will create a wonderful scent as the eucalyptus will give off a fragrance that perfectly compliments the pine garland.

Traditional with Burlap


Source: @kates.kreations

For a more traditional Christmas look, use burlap bows for your ribbon. Add a touch of colour by mixing red berries into the garland and add a few pinecones for additional texture. Finish off the look with textural accessories like cosy wool cushions and wood accents.

Paper Stars


Source: @storiesof_home

Hang little stars from your garland up your stairway for a fresh take on Scandi style. This is one the kids can get involved with as well for a crafty project the whole family will love. Use colourful or patterned paper that matches your Christmas theme or metallic sheets for a more glamorous look.

Christmas Stockings

Stocking staircase

Source: @brookside_homestyle

If you don’t have a fireplace mantle to hang your stockings, why not utilise the stairs instead? Mini globe fairylights, gingham cones and a monochrome scheme make this decor extra luxe but it can be adapted to nearly any style you like. Use colourful stockings in different hues and coloured lights for a fun kid-friendly style or use a mix of metallic shades (gold, copper and silver) for a theme with extra sparkle.

Paper Garland

Forgo the garland all together and use a mix of paper garlands and paper flowers in soft hues to dress up your staircase this season. The paper decorations are available at so many different retailers and are great for a small budget. Plus, they can be adapted to any colour theme you might like. Use red and white for Scandi style or gold, black and white for a look that will take you right into New Year celebrations.


Ball ball staircase

Source: @knackeredmavis

This is possibly the simplest one out of all our examples and may just be my favourite. The look is wonderfully minimalist and yet still manages to be eye-catching.

How will you be decorating your staircase for Christmas this year? We’d love to see your pics!  Share your pics on TwitterInstagram and Facebook. We’ll be sure to feature our favourites!