11 Interior Design Ideas & Tips From UK Influencers

Something we love about interior design in the 21st Century is that we’re only ever seconds away from a source of inspiration. Whether it’s our favourite bloggers, home decor shops, or monthly magazine subscription, there’s always something new to spark our inspiration.

We’re constantly searching for top expert advice to influence our styles. On our hunt, we’ve found some tips and tricks from influencers whose advice we’ve found so useful, that we want to share it with you to use in and around your home.

And who knows, stylist or shop, maybe you’ll find your new favourite source of inspiration!


A stylist we’re head over heels for. Having worked with the likes of Country Living, Good Homes, House Beautiful and other well-established interior design publications, we’d happily let her take full control of the style of our homes any day!

Credit: @Emma Fishman

Emma’s tips for decorating a teenager’s bedroom

It’s important to personalise the room. I especially love the idea of a photo wall showcasing all their favourite moments. Create a display area or notice board that they can add to, as and when they have special mementos and photos to show off.”



Design consultant, journalist and blogging pro, you could pretty much take Kate’s word on interior design as gospel. Full of incredible transformations, breathtaking home decor finds and handy guides to help your home look better, there’s nothing interior design wise that her blog doesn’t cover.

Credit: @Kate Watson-Smyth

How to revamp your hallway

“You can also consider HALF-PAINTING THE WALLS. This can be a really practical decision as the lower half of the wall tends to get scuffed from bikes and bags and dirty hands, so painting it dark will hide a multitude of sins without making it much darker. If you’re worried where to stop you can go to the top of the stairs on the wall side and then leave it at that. You don’t have to go all the way.”



If you’re an avid user of Pinterest, you’ll have most likely spotted or saved one Kate’s pictures. Vlogger Kate La Vie’s beautiful abode is light, bright with eclectic mix of feminine and vintage accessories. If you’re looking for apartment or small space inspiration, Kate’s home tours with definitely give you some style envy.

Credit: @KATE LA VIE

Kate’s top tips for styling your fireplace

Layer books and jewellery for a vintage feel. Use accent coloured accessories e.g. a gold mirror to take away from white if there’s too much. Accessorise with small prints to bring the place to life.



For stunning interior photography, dainty details and accessories, Brit Decor is the place to go. Mike Ahern finds beauty in subtlety and eclectic styles – you’ll be hard pressed not to find some sort of inspiration here.

Credit: @BritDecor

Mike’s guide styling cushion’s together

“When I’m styling client’s homes I try not to be frugal with cushion numbers as groupings give a more plush ‘look’ and exude comfort. However, when budgets are tight, I’ll mix a small number of more expensive prints with economical plain fabrics to make up numbers with no less of a visual impact.”



Claire’s blog is a little hub of home interior inspiration. Whether it’s what’s on top of the trend, what accessories work with which styles or you just need a small boost of creativity, checking for new posts every day certainly leaves us wanting a little more luxury in our lives.

Credit: @The Green Eyed Girl

Claire’s advice on achieving a hotel luxe bathroom look

“Keep products tidied away. My biggest tip is to add storage for you to hide away your everyday bathroom products. It leaves the space looking much tidier and so much more glamorous when the floss and nail scissors are hidden away!”



Botanical prints and pretty plant pots are a staple at lifestyle store Mon Pote. Their curated shop is a collection of decorative accessories from across the globe.

Credit: @Mon Pote

Mon Potes guide to decorating with plants by mix & matching.

“Buying new plant pots is great but you can get creative and versatile with the stuff you already have lying about the house.  Cups and jugs can look amazing potted up with mini cacti and succulents.  We are also big fans of using baskets as plant pots.  Just stick a plate or saucer in the bottom for drainage and to stop the basket getting damaged by water.”



For eclectic boho glam, Kimberly Duran of Swoonworthy is your go-to girl. The unique style of her downright beautiful home combined with her useful tips is what makes us hit her site everyday.

Credit: @Kimberly Duran

Kimberly’s advice on adding artwork into your home

There is seriously nothing sadder than a room with a bunch of blank walls. I’m not saying every wall needs artwork but please do include at least a few pieces that give a room some personality. And truth be told, it doesn’t even have to be artwork. Hang a huge textile on the wall or create a feature wall with some bold wallpaper, put up some shelving and dot a few plants on top. Don’t leave every single wall bare and get some interest up there.



If you’re not up for a total transformation, Evija’s blog is filled to the brim with small changes and tutorials that can make the biggest differences in your home. Check out her blog for a subtle style.

Credit: @Evija//From Evija with Love

Evija’s guide to creating a gallery wall

“To make sure the wall looked exactly as I wanted I cut out the shapes from brown paper and put them on the wall. I did not try the cutouts to be level or equal, I just wanted to see what they will look like (rather than pieces on the floor).”



From bespoke crockery for your kitchen, to stunning textiles to decorate your home, Room 365’s selection of products have us reaching for the paintbrush to redecorate every room to suit their stuff instead.

Credit: @R O O M 3 5 6

Tips for embracing minimalism

“Character can be added to a room with a statement pendant light, piece of wall art or handmade ceramics. Interest can be created by adding pops of colour in both furnishings and accessories.”



No stranger to the contemporary industrial look, Kerry knows a thing or two about designing your home this way. If that is your style then check out her blog for inspiration, how-to guides and homeowner advice!

Credit: @Kerry Lockwood – In Detail

Tips on adding an industrial vibe to your home

“To really pull off the Industrial look, you just can’t have enough exposed brick. But before you get the hammer out and start stripping back plaster use clever wallpaper alternatives.  You don’t need an exposed brick wall to achieve your dreamy lofty interior, you can always fake it and no one will know!”



One of our favourite stylists, Joanna Thornhill, is no stranger to styling interiors. Her expertise gathered from over a decade in the industry shines through her work, website and perennially popular book. Endless inspiration!


Credit: Fabric Of My Life

Joanna’s tips on styling the home

“Try living in your space without changing anything for at least a week: note down how you are using each room, and at what times of day – how does the light fall in the space; would you prefer it to feel cosier or more light and airy? Does your furniture help the room to flow or is it obstructive? Do you have enough storage to stop it becoming cluttered? Think objectively.”


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