How to mix styles

Unless you are the sort of person who will extremely rigorously stick to one single style when it comes to interiors shopping, chances are you will at some point end up with items that don’t seem to fit in with the rest of your furniture. We all accumulate things throughout our life. This could be through travelling, rummaging round flea markets, the odd impulse buy, inherited pieces or gifts. Life doesn’t always go to plan and neither do our homes. Of course it could simply be that you like so many different things that you somehow need to make them work together. Besides, throwing out your grandparent’s chair just because it doesn’t quite fit would be a shame right? So, here are some tips on how to mix styles to make your home look eclectic rather than jumble sale.


Ornate pieces are set off best by combining them with simple styles and a restricted colour palette. Here, whites and pink, set off by a wooden floor, provide the perfect colours for some moroccan touches. The simplicity of the sofa, blinds and furniture doesn’t overwhelm and make the fabulous lantern stand out without feeling out of place.


Highly modern pieces and true classics are a fail-safe combination. By making your sofa the single (or two) biggest item in the room, you’re setting the tone. Considering that this might be one of the more expensive items, chances are you will “build” the rest of the room around it. However, this doesn’t mean that you should match its style. Deliberately going into the opposite direction means your living room will look far more interesting. You could match a very modern sofa with some beautiful vintage pieces, put a bright pink sofa into a grey room for impact or combine a classic buttoned sofa with mid-century pieces.

Striped Chairs

Play with patterns. They don’t have to be all mixed at once or crazy busy ones, some bold stripes in an otherwise natural and pared-back room are all that’s needed for some serious impact. The chairs are even more accentuated by the fact that their style is mid-century whilst the rest of the room “mediterranean country” and yet they don’t feel out of place. They look deliberate and their colour reflects the blue sky outside the house.

Yellow Chairs

Use colour to draw different styles together. Despite each chair being different in style, the overall look is clean and coherent. This is down to one simple trick: they’ve all been painted in exactly the same shade of yellow. The same goes for other accessories. By choosing them in the same colours or materials, you will pull the look of your entire look together.

Neutral Background

One thing all these interiors have in common is a neutral backdrop. This can be as dark or light as you like, but keeping the walls and floors simple means that you can let your furniture and treasures do the talking. How else would a venetian style chandelier, a battered leather chair and a mid-century swivel chair look so good together?

So, I hope these tips are helpful and next time you find a fab piece you’ll know exactly what to do with it.

Carole x