5 Ways To Use A Garden Summer House

Would you love to have an extra room from which to work, or maybe a space where the kids can play without messing up the whole house? Well, why not consider a summer house or garden building, at the bottom of the garden, and make it an extension of your home. More and more people are doing this now, as a cheaper way to extend and create a larger home. What would you use yours for?

A Home Office

summer house office

So many of us work from home these days, yet don’t have the square footage indoors to create a dedicated work space. Admittedly all you often need is a desk and chair, but having that in a contained room, where you can close the door at the end of the day is ideal. As someone who works like this, having an office can make a huge difference to your working day, and prevents your work from seeping into other parts of your life. To be able to walk away from your office at the end of the day, makes you so much more productive too.

A Retro Relaxation Room

retro house

Introduce some retro or mid-century styled furniture in cool greys, add a pop of orange and some iconic Orla Kiely print and you have yourself a stunning relaxation room at the bottom of your garden. It could be a place to which you escape after a long, hard day at work, then unwind with a beer or glass of wine and watch the birds and butterflies flutter by. Stash a pile of magazines and a favourite book, and chill out as the sun goes down.

A Guest Room


You’ll need to add some power and heating, but what better way to create a spare room for when the in-laws come to visit? Make it fit the style of your home and garden, and give your guests an isolated, private space in which they can get a great night’s sleep every time.

A Kids’ Playroom


Creating a kids’ playroom in an outdoor building, shed or summer house is a great way to contain the mess. If you long for a space where the kids can unleash their creativity then this could be it. Add lots of primary colours, seating and storage, and in the summer months this is the perfect crafting space. if you want to use it at other times of the year you’ll need to think about heating and lighting of course.

A Shabby Chic Garden Room

shabby chic garden room

If you love checks, ginghams and some Annie Sloan upcycled furniture then this look is just for you. Shabby chic is perfect for a more traditional garden, and ideal for a summer house. Add some home-made cushions, some fairy lights and bunting and you have yourself another little space in which to relax, or enjoy the sun when it shines.

Are you inspired to buy (or even build!) a summer-house at the bottom of your garden? And what would you use yours for? We’d love to know! Tweet us @OFLOakFurniture or send us your summer house snaps on Instagram, using the hashtag #oakfurnitureland.