19 DIY Advent Calendars to Make This Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, its time to get your Christmas Advent Calendar up for the exciting countdown to the big day. Sure, there are plenty you can purchase in the shops at this time of year but most are single-use and get thrown away after the big day. Why not consider getting a little crafty and saving money on one you can use year after year?

We’ve asked some of our favourite bloggers to share their simple and stylish tutorials for making your own and creating a new tradition in your home.
Whether you want to simply count down to the big day, share a treat or choose a fun activity for the whole family, these advent calendars are sure to be a hit year after year.

Treat-Filled Advent Calendars

Looking to replace the store-bought calendars? Here you’ll find plenty of ideas for creating your own treat-filled advent. Aside from chocolates or sweets, consider other options like small tree ornaments to hang, a small toy, a piece of stationary, Lego bricks or puzzle pieces.

DIY Glam Calendar

DIY Glam Calendar

I thought I’d start with my own creation that I take out every year and fill with chocolate. The boxes are painted and decorated like tiny presents and I used leftover paint sample pots, washi tape and gold stickers to give it a glam theme that fits my decorating style. Change up the colours to create your own look. See the DIY on Swoon Worthy.

DIY Burlap Bag calendar

DIY Burlap Bag calendar

Perfect as a last-minute addition to your Christmas decorating, this uses greenery, small burlap bags and clothespins which will look beautiful hung on the wall. Consider foraging for greenery outdoors and allow your children to choose branches and greenery to decorate too. See the DIY on Down Red Bud Drive.

DIY Wall Hanging Advent with Kraft Paper

DIY Wall Hanging Advent with Kraft Paper

Similar to the wall hanging above, this tutorial upcycles old Christmas cards to use as fun gift tags for wrapped presents using kraft paper and twine. See the DIY on Kippi At Home.

DIY Wood Wall Mounted Tree Advent Calendar

Wood Wall Mounted Tree Advent Calendar

If you love rustic Christmas tree décor, you’ll love this DIY which utilises thin strips of wood with hanging burlap bags. A simple but effective look that saves space by being wall hung. See the DIY on The DIY Dreamer.

Muffin Tin Advent Calender

Muffin Tin Advent Calender

This DIY utilises a metal mini muffin tin which can be filled with treats hidden under decorated magnetic sheets for a simple but fun twist on the advent calendar. It also means this can be used year after year. See the DIY on Down Red Bud Drive.

DIY Fabric Advent Calendar with pockets

Fabric Advent Calendar with pockets

This fabric advent calendar requires a bit of sewing but iron-on webbing tape or fabric glue can also be used to hide a daily treat inside. We love the rustic look of tartan fabric but this can easily be swapped out to any Christmas pattern you love. See the DIY on The DIY Dreamer.

Advent Calendar Garland

Advent Calendar Garland

This simple tutorial uses recycled toilet roll cardboard to create a cheeky garland the kids will love. Dressed up like wrapped sweeties, hang this along a mantle to be enjoyed through the whole of December. See the DIY on Tikkido.

DIY Pom-Pom Box Advent Calendar

Pom-Pom Box Advent Calendar

Who doesn’t love pom poms? These are easy to make out of yarn and can be reused each year in any colours you love. Simply tie around tiny boxes and hide a treat, ornament, activity or joke inside. See the DIY on Made With Happy.

DIY Wrapped Present Advent Calendar

Wrapped Present Advent Calendar

This clever DIY re-uses the plastic of an old advent calendar set inside a box that’s wrapped up like a gift. Simply ‘punch’ the numbers to reveal the treat nestled inside each individual compartment. See the DIY on Elle Marie Home.

DIY Upcycled Paper Bag Advent Calendar

Upcycled Paper Bag Advent Calendar

If you have a lot of pretty paper bags or wrapping paper scraps you can’t bear to throw away, here’s a great way of upcycling them into a garland, hiding treats inside. You’ll need a sewing machine for this one but we love the cosy homemade look. See the DIY on Pillar Box Blue.

Activity-Based Advent Calendars

Want to avoid the sugar-overload this year? These advent calendars hide a fun activity or spread the Christmas cheer with an act of kindness to do with kids (or adults!) for each day on the countdown to Christmas.

Acts of Kindness Ring

Acts of Kindness Ring

This tutorial comes with free printables to help your children celebrate the true spirit of the season. With a simply decorated embroidery ring and easy to follow instructions (print, cut, fold and glue), this idea can be used and personalised each year. See the DIY on Lovely Indeed.

DIY Scavenger Hunt Advent Calendar

Scavenger Hunt Advent Calendar

If you’re looking to keep the kids busy during break, this advent contains clues where surprise items are found around the house. Why not make the surprises a board game, a baking recipe or another activity they’ll enjoy? See the DIY on Craft Rocker.

DIY Mini Forest Activity Advent Calendar

Mini Forest Activity Advent Calendar

Another fun activity-based advent that adds to your Christmas décor is this simple project using wooden log place card holders (we found similar ones on Etsy). Each paper tree has an activity written inside which children can choose as they count down to the big event. See the DIY on Tried &True.

DIY Ikea hack Advent Calendar

Ikea hack Advent Calendar

This stylish advent calendar is great for kids (or kids-at-heart!) and utilises a scarf hanger repurposed to hold free printable activity cards. We love how easy it would be to swap out the felt colours to suit your own Christmas theme. See the DIY on Up to Date Interiors.

DIY Reindeer Calendar

Reindeer Calendar

This plush reindeer antler calendar utilises felt and wood as the perfect spot to hang pretty bags filled with treats. You could also hang ornaments numbered with each day as another way to mark the time until Christmas Day. See the DIY on Shrimp Salad Circus.

DIY Matchbox Advent Calendar

Matchbox Advent Calendar

Using an inexpensive cookie sheet and matchboxes covered in Christmas scrapbook paper, this pretty advent calendar using magnets can be hung on the wall and is sure to make an appearance every year. See the DIY on The Craft Patch Blog.

DIY Wood House Advent Calendar

Wood House Advent Calendar

Combining woodworking and paper crafting, this easy-to-build house shaped shelf holds 25 paper houses, one to open each day until Christmas. See the DIY on Houseful of Handmade.

Countdown to Christmas

If you’d prefer not to have to fill a calendar and are simply looking for a fun way to count down the days, these tutorials share some imaginative ways to do just that.

DIY Wood Countdown Calendar

Wood Countdown Calendar

If you’re looking for a great looking woodworking project, this tutorial uses pocket holes and a wood star which counts up to the big day. We love that it looks great, doesn’t take up much space and it’s something you can reuse every year. See the DIY on Jaime Costiglio.

DIY Wearable Christmas Advent Jumper

Wearable Christmas Advent Jumper

Everyone loves a Christmas jumper this time of year so why not make the countdown to Christmas even more fun? This tutorial is a bit more involved but we love the result for those who are eager to show off their Christmas spirit. See the DIY on Shrimp Salad Circus.

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